Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I was in the pub knitting

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting up with a group of ladies who have formed a knitting group in Salford. I saw them on Ravelry (Kings Arms Knitters) and decided to have a little nosey to see what it was all about. The fact that they meet in a pub every Monday evening didn't influence me in the slightest (yeah honestly)

I spent far too long on Ravelry this morning reading a few blogs and updating some projects onto my profile. Half of the knit and crochet books that I have bought I was unable to put them in my library as they weren't on the site and you can only list what is on their site. It's far too easy to get sucked into Ravelry and lose hours of the day. I think I will make it a rule to only visit it once a week.

I have finished off my crochet project (all will be revealed at a later date) and am back to trying to remember exactly where I am with my knitting. I have the brain of a goldfish and when I put a project down and sometimes it's easier to restart it than pick up again where I left off. I need to finish the soakers off before more wool arrives from Linda and my nieces.

The garage shelves are still not put together but at least the house is marginally straighter now and a lot cleaner. The dog, of course, did his best to muddy it all up again. He thinks it's a game to try to dash past me before I can swamp him in the towel to dry those muddy feet and undercarriage. I did hosepipe him down in the garage yesterday but I will have to have a rethink as the water puddled into a channel down the centre of the garage which isn't flagged and I am worried that too much water might seep into the ground under the house if it gets wet too often. I will have to ask what I can do to fill in the channel so that the water will stay on the flags and then go into the drain.

I am not going to the seated exercise class tomorrow ( or any other day) I rang them to say I could not do all that walking and it was making my back unbearably painful for at least 2 days afterwards. A year ago I could have walked up to the tram, then from the tram to the Leisure centre and back again without too much effort but these days any distance is really testing me. My dog walking pushes me to the limits of my pain tolerance most days but I have to carry on doing it as it isn't fair on Buster to curtail his walks. It is such a relief once the second walk is over and I know I can relax until the next day.

Oops bedtime and not a stitch knitted. (I was crocheting at the pub)
I will stay away from Ravelry tomorrow and try to get on with a bit of knitting.


Crobbles said...

Sounds like a grand way to spend a few hours on a Monday. I'll have to come and play too, sometime.

Sarah said...

Hi Jan

I fancy coming along to the King's Arms too sometime, having found them on Facebook.

Are you helping them with the knitted chandelier?

Sarah xx