Monday, 3 March 2008

Men on my roof

Men on my roof is not strictly true any more as the garage roof is now missing. Not a very good day for them to chose to arrive with hailstones falling but they insist they can work in anything so all I can do is keep them supplied with hot drinks. The photo is of the garage before the work started. The doors are falling off as the wood has rotten and the hinges are rusty and broken. The roof is asbestos so has to be got rid of asap. I am having tiles put on it this time.

I got sent a photo of Anna in her soakers courtesy of Vicky. I have deliberately chosen one where she is not facing the camera. She is a beautiful baby but as she is not mine I did not want her face to be seen. I have read on different blogs (one was Notes from the Trenches) about sites pinching photos of particularly attractive children and babies and putting them on dubious foreign web sites so for that reason I don't post any photos on here of my great grand daughters. If they think my photo is particularly attractive then they can pinch that -ha ha and if they do think that then I will point them in the direction of the nearest psychiatrist or optician.

I must knuckle down to doing some knitting or crochet as apart from the Knit Out on Saturday I have hardly had a needle or a hook in my hand. I wore myself out yesterday emptying the garage (I am trying not to look at the mess in my dining room and kitchen) and so fell asleep again last night when I sat down to watch tv. Sign of getting older I guess. Not having the energy I once had. I get the work done in the end but it just takes me a longer length of time.

It's funny but having some work done to the house stirs up all these DIY projects I have going on in my head. What needs papering and painting etc. My list is long. Maybe one day it will get done once my back is fixed. Ian said yesterday that my (very small) hall desperately needs re-flooring. I had to bite my tongue a bit. How does he expect me to get down there and either sand and varnish it or put some laminate or lino down? I can't afford to pay people to do every job on my list. I can only do chores that I can reach without stretching or bending so that lets out a whole lot of things that I have planned. Maybe next year I will be leaping about renewed and rejuvenated with my paintbrush in hand! Here's hoping.

Ronnie (one of the men on the roof) says I should join and I should only pick men to date who are builders and painters as I have so much work that needs doing. Yeah right. I can just see the queue of suitors lining up at the door. Not. I might as well save the joining fee money and put it towards paying for a tradesman to call I would have more luck!

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Zuleika said...

Ooh men on your roof sounded hopeful at first. I thought you had hit the jackpot! lol
The soakers are really sweet! I knew your stripe idea would work out. :-)