Saturday, 15 March 2008

Getting adventurous with crochet socks

I started a couple of socks from my Crochet sock book and wasn't happy with either of them so after a lot of unravelling (or frogging if you prefer) I decided to wing it and design my own. The testing time will of course be the second sock as I haven't written anything down! The wool is Elle Pure Wool for socks that I bought from Clark Crafts in Ramsbottom but unlike the other sock yarn I have used in the past it splits badly when I am crocheting it hence my unhappiness with my first couple of tries from the Sock Book. I am using a shell pattern of 3 trebles alternating with a double crochet. I had a few hairy moments when I was decreasing after the heel and was improvising like mad. I have this awful feeling that I might struggle to make 2 matching socks. The stitch is slightly openwork but feels soft and comfy when I tried the sock on for size. I have made a shortish leg as I tend to roll the socks down because I had thick calves and a lot of sock patterns are too slim. I have found an old pattern for mens knitted socks in stocking stitch that have shaped calves so I may try it out one day so I can have a pair of long boot socks.

Caroline came today and managed to fit together the red meccano that is now 2 garage storage units. I have tidied away all the cleaning materials. Instead of being all over the garage on the floor in boxes they are on the shelves in order. I found out that I have 5 bottles of furniture scratch cover and 4 tins of black shoe polish now that I can see them easily! Plus I won't have to buy any Stardrops, Fabreze or disinfectant for quite a while.

My niece Vicky sent a text to say that she may not have her car back from the garage so probably no visit to Ramsbottom tomorrow. My nieces will have to get their birthday cardigans after their birthdays as I probably won't be able to get the wool until next weekend if the shop is open over the holidays.

I got all domesticated tonight and made some scones and a fruit cake. That's my diet out of the window for another few days then! At least they are all pure ingredients and no additives. Dieting always begins tomorrow anyway!

My council tax bill came today. They have reduced my payments by £10 a month as I found out that they had calculated my savings (what savings?) wrong last year. I would be that amount better off except that my gas direct debit has gone up £20 a month and the electric and water too so even with my £4 a week pension rise I am still worse off. The budget is giving me £50 a year more on my heating allowance but it still doesn't cover winter fuel bills. I am lucky in that I am still active enough to do without heating most of the day. I do light the calor gas fire for a short time on really cold days. I feel sorry for people who cannot move about and so have to burn fuel all day long. I think it's so wrong that very ill people can't claim any heating allowance. It isn't just the elderly that feel the cold. Anyone who is confined to a wheelchair feels it more than anyone.


Anonymous said...
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ambermoggie said...

love the socks:)I have that trouble of them fitting ebcause my bad leg is twice the width of my good leg. Good for you getting the garage sorted BTW:)
I know what you mean about the pension increases going in fuel bills. Add to that the 5 days a week to the cancer centre we are currently using £40 to £50 per week on petrol. They do give us some money back towards it but it works out maybe half. All to be paid for as obviously Mr Mog has to have his treatment