Thursday, 6 March 2008

I love a bargain book

When I was on my way back from my seated aerobics class I passed The Works book shop in Bury precinct and it had a big sign on "Closing Down" I had to nip in of course just to see if there were any knit and crochet book bargains and came away with The New Knitting Stitch Library by Lesley Stansfield for the princely sum of £2.99 marked down from £14.95 I am sure it will come in very useful in the future when I am looking for a different stitch to adapt an otherwise plain pattern.

Not much knitting done as you can see from the small amount of rows done on Anna's second pair of soakers. I haven't been entirely idle as I have been working on a crochet project but no photos just yet as it's a secret from a person who might read my blog.

My niece from London is coming up at the weekend and she says she will instruct her yarn slave (I am not sure her sister will appreciate this description) as to what yarn she would like for her long line belted cardigan. She is toying with the idea of a similar one to the one I made for her at Christmas but with a closer crochet stitch instead of the openwork of the last one. My friend Caroline came at the weekend and saw photos of what was to have been her cardigan (the one that turned out too small and finished up with the small teenager next door) and said how much she liked it and could I make it again big enough for her. I think I have enough wool left over to make another one. I guess I will be kept busy before I go into hospital. Plus I still need some socks for me.

Luckily for me I crocheted myself a bed jacket and bed cape a couple of years ago for the operation that got cancelled because they told me I was too morbidly obese (size 16 and 13st 4lbs) to be operated on . My new nightdresses, slippers and robes have all been poised for the last 2 yrs ready for action. So at least I am all prepared and have nothing to buy except a few toiletries and some bedsocks if I don't get around to making some.

I still haven't seen the neighbour who has just had a similar operation to the one planned for me but I have met up with other neighbours who have offered help with shopping etc after the op. Everyone is being very kind. I met with another neighbour who said Jean went in hospital very early Saturday morning and had the op the same day. She came home on Tuesday afternoon and is managing to climb the stairs to the bathroom and bedroom although she is in a lot of pain. Only to be expected as it is a major operation. She has apparently been told that she can't do anything for 6 weeks! I will have to check up on what they mean by "do nothing". I can understand no heavy stuff but I live alone and I can't do nothing. My family and friends will no doubt rally around but I can't expect them to do everything in the house for 6 weeks as they all have full time jobs.

The structure of the garage is finished but the electrician hasn't turned up as yet to fit a light and sockets. I am still in a mess in the house as I don't want to put anything back into the garage until it has had a thorough wash and brush out and I have got some metal storage units. Argos stock them but they are out of stock for home delivery and I can't collect them and lug them into my boot on my own. A friend has offered to help me with these but I don't think he means this weekend and I really would like to get my house back to normal asap. I need to get the garage doors painted. The builder put a coat of wood stain on it to seal it until I can paint it. I have a lot of things to do, back permitting, in the next few weeks. My bathroom is still incomplete as I never sanded down the door so as yet it is unpainted and without a door handle.Anyone who visits me and needs the bathroom has to be a good singer!

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Mad about Craft said...

I also bought 'The New Knitting Stitch Library' from Book Works in Northwich a good few months ago for the same price. It is a very useful book.

I don't know whether this will help with the shelving situation but we used a company called Rapid racking for our shed for Scouts. The web address is They home deliver.