Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I now have a matching pair of socks

Yeah! I did it. I managed to make a second sock a reasonable facsimile of the first. Too bad I haven't written anything down as I really enjoyed crocheting this pair and want to make another pair soon. Next time I will write it down. Buster as per usual got into the act. Well what does he expect if he will sleep in the best bit of sunlight in the room. The last photo was supposed to be a close up of the stitch but turned out fuzzy (note to Vicky I need instructions on non wobble close ups!)
Speaking of Vicky she has a very informative blog about her day course dyeing with Debbie Tomkies (see Vicky's blog in my list of favourite blogs) with some lovely photos. Sounds as though she had a really good day out there. I can see her donning her plastic pinny and wellies and dyeing with gusto any day soon.
I went out to the Kings Arms knitting club last night. There was a notice up in the pub that it is closed today from 12 - 3 for filming. Apparently they are filming a scene for Blue Murder with Caroline Quentin in there. It's a really old fashioned "mens" type of pub where nothing has been changed for years. It's so nice to go into a pub with genuine dark wood bar and leather upholstery. The girls were as entertaining as usual. The knitted chandelier has still not made much progress. I shall try to buy one of those knitting dollys and make a bit of i cord for my contribution one day. I did have one years ago but I think I gave it away to a child when my son grew out of it.
One of the Knitters Arms ladies is also a crocheter so I am not alone wielding my hook in there. Charlie is making knitted snow boarding masks for her nephew and friends and is worried in case they get mistaken for someone from Crimewatch whilst wearing them! One of the other ladies was knitting a recycled shopping bag from strips of Tesco and Asda plastic bags and another was crocheting a shrug from quite a nice crocheting book that I haven't yet bought (No Janet - you have enough books - no no no) I enjoy my trips out to both of my knitting clubs for a housebound (apart from dog walks) type of person its a great excitement in my life having knitty chats. We had a laugh yesterday as some of the ladies have a thing about Christopher Eccleston who lives near by one of them and they are now considering starting a Ravelry group of Christopher Eccleston admirers. Well if Dolores the sheep (see Panopticon blog) can have her own Ravelry admirers club then why not?
I have started a pair of chunky crocheted pixie boots from a free pattern from DROPS. I will post a photo of them hopefully finished tomorrow.


knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey ). said...

Those socks look great...I'm back with my obsession with knitted ones.
I wish my crochet ones looked that good. Well done with designing your own.

Crobbles said...

Yeah, a pair!
I'm looking forward to the pixie boots. I have been thinking about making a pair that can be felted.