Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Yesterday I wore my lunch

Anyone who has problems with manual dexterity will fully understand my blog title today. I decided to have some "home made" style soup from the supermarket which was wonderfully packaged in a tall plastic tub. I was defeated from the start by the flip up opener thingie so had to get a knife to prise the said opener off. The top was still firmly welded to the tub so I eased my knife under the rim. Hah - big mistake. I was allegedly holding the tub with one hand and the knife with the other when my hand decided to let go of the tub at the same time the lid chose that moment to unweld itself from the tub. The result was that the soup was a quarter down me, a quarter down the kitchen unit and the rug. I did manage to salvage about a half of it in the tub! It's amazing how far half a tub of vegetable soup can fly. I am still finding bits of it stuck to the units. To add insult to injury I placed the tub in the microwave whilst I cleaned up and the vegetables exploded all over the microwave despite being covered by a loose lid and a paper towel so I had to prise glued on soup from inside the microwave. I think today I will give the second tub of soup a miss and have a sandwich instead!

I managed to sort out where I was up to with the soakers that I hadn't worked on for a week. I have sussed out where the gusset (what a wonderful word) goes so this pair will have one. This gusset has made the legs a bit slimmer on this pair but I don't think that will matter.

I also found my purple crochet cardigan WIP that I started a couple of weeks ago and forgot all about so I will try to do a bit more on that as well.

Yesterday I was almost assaulted by a young man zipping past me around the woodland on a mini motorbike. He was having a great time trial riding up through the mud up and down all the hills and paths and I don't think he fully understands the dangers involved of him not wearing a helmet for one and diving in and out of dog walkers and mums with toddlers and prams. There have been big articles in the local paper stating that the police will (and have)confiscate and crush any illegal uninsured bikes ridden in the woodland so he should know better than to ride it in there.

There has been little damage in my area with the high winds last night. My only casualties have been 3 blown over flower pots. I think that there are more high winds forecast so fingers crossed that they miss this area once again. I don't like the noise the wind makes when it howls around the house. I used to get very scared as a child and although I am not as worried these days I must admit it is still a bit of a phobia. High winds and thunderstorms are my bet noire.

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Kathy Wajerski said...

You're not supposed to wear your lunch?

Who knew?

Beverly Sills, in her autobiography said she always spilled her meal on her chest to the degree that her husband called all those little spots "beverlies."

Selfish behavior like that really makes me grit my teeth. It's as if they think they are the only ones in the world who matter. I deal with this twice a week when driving past the high school. The kids will pull out or walk out in front of me without even looking.