Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Views from my windows

Not exactly exciting set the world ablaze photos (unless you are a Corrie fan as the church you can see is the one most used for their weddings and funerals)To me though it's a wonderful sight as the back bedroom window main pane has been "blown" for quite a long time and so I had a very misty view. I can now see the construction work on the new flats and houses and some of the church and church yard although the trees seem to have grown enormously since I last looked out. The last photo is of the clouds from my front side bay window. The side pane had gone on that window so at least I could see out of most of that window.

My garage roof is finished and they are just finishing making the doors. I am waiting for the electrician to come to put lights and power in there but that might not be for a few days. I now have to order some metal shelving so that I can have some tidyness in there when I put the stuff back in so it may not be until the weekend when my kitchen and dining room are back to normal. I don't want to put things back all over the floor as before. I am just dreading anyone calling unexpectedly and seeing boxes and tools strewn about all over the house. They might think that I have finally gone completely batty! They might,of course, be right.

Once again no knitting or crochet yesterday. I was tired and in pain. I came back from my seated excercise class in absolute pain. I think I am going to have to give it up. It isn't the exercise that does it. It's the walk from the tram station to the Leisure centre and back again plus the walk to and from the tram station and my home. I don't qualify for a badge for my car as I was told that because my condition is allegedly cureable by an operation I can't have one. I should have appealed really but I just could not be bothered. It makes me mad sometimes when I see people far more able than I am with a badge. Yes I know the majority of people with a badge deserve it but there are many who abuse it. I used to see people every day in my former life in the DWP. Some genuine but many not. Despite my problems I would like to do some work if I could but every day I used to deal with people who were playing on some minor disability for years and had no intentions of ever getting a job. People like them who abuse the system make it so hard for anyone with a genuine disability to get the monetary help and support that they deserve. I would have no objection to being submitted to a thorough medical if it meant more help for me.

I am hopefully going to get some knitting done today as my niece would like me to make her a long black cardigan for her birthday in April. I need to get a move on with the projects I have in the pipeline first so it's all hands to the needles and no more nodding off! Maybe I should put a darning needle at the end of a stick and give myself a sharp prod with it when I feel my eyes start to close! I blame all the re-runs on the TV for failing to hold my interest. Give me some new programmes to watch and then I can stay awake!

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