Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Pixie slippers with raggy poms

As you can see from the photos I make a lousy pom pom. I used to have plastic circles with a split in them but I can't find them anywhere so I must make a new set someday. I decided to make them by winding yarn around a ruler (not very sucessfully as you can see) and have the distinct feeling that they will disintigrate at the very first wash! Ah well they will be weareable pom pom less. You can see the elastic indentations on my ankles from wearing a pair of bought socks are the reason why I need to knit or crochet more socks.
.Theslippers came from a free crochet pattern for the Garnstudio DROPS site. They have oodles of free patterns on there for knit and crochet and you can choose which terminology you want UK or US.

and the wool I used was a 2 x 50 gram oddment from Bury Market Mardi Gras by Stylecraft.

Last night I started knitting a pair of socks in Rowan Kid Classic (yes Vicky I am finally using the purple wool and pattern) and raced along as it is on 4mm needles. This morning in daylight I discovered that one of my lacey holes on the leg was in the wrong place but as I have turned the heel and am part way down the foot then I will learn to live with it - I am not unpicking it. The pattern says 100 grams for the pair of socks but I am still only half way through the first 50 grams ball so will have oodles left over. I shall have to look around for another ball even if it is a different colour to make another pair.
I still cannot get to grips with the brown and orange random socks that I started forever ago but the needles are minute and it takes ages to even grow a half inch. I think I will designate those socks to my knitting club knitting then at least they will grow marginally with each visit. I don't usually like having WIP on the needles so long but I must confess to having a crochet cardigan that I started so many years ago that I fear it will be way too large if I ever finish it. It is quite an intricate pattern and I have done the back so am loathe to unravel it. I found it when I was sorting out my stash a while ago and have stuffed it in a drawer. Maybe one day!

I am just reading the judge's decisions on the Sir Paul McCartney divorce and all I can say is - I'm free Sir Paul if you are. Plus I am much cheaper than Heather. Just buy me a few balls of decent wool and some Brittany Birch needles now and again and leave me in one of your houses. I have no desire for mansions and private jets! I would be cheap to run and not seek publicity - well apart from a quick brag on my blog of course. I have to make my move soon after all single attractive men in my age group are rarer than hen's teeth. Anyone know his e mail addy? Hey you can't blame a girl for trying.


Crobbles said...

Gotta love those pixie boots. You'll have to show me how to do them. I may have conquered the basic granny squares... but slippers look a little more daunting.
I'm so glad you've cast on and rocketed along with the purple socks. I'm looking forward to you modeling them!

Rose said...

Just been reading your blog Jan, love the pixie socks and everything you do , you put me to shame. What I would give to be as good as you at knitting and crochet. You make me laugh too , you have a great sense of humour. But sorry I wouldn't want Paul Mc Cartney for love nor money, he looks a sulky thing to me , give me Saun Connery any day Yumpt !!!!!! Don't suppose you got an easy pattern for fingerless gloves?? I am always pleased to hear from you it gets lonely sometimes here on my own, although the family are very good they have lives of thier own. Love Rose x