Friday, 7 March 2008

How did I accumulate all this junk?

All of the junk (and more that is outside at the moment)came from my garage. How did I accumulate all this junk when I emptied and tidied the garage out 12 months ago? The top photo junk is residing in a pile in my dining room at the moment, the middle photo is the lawnmower and tools pushed into the corner of the kitchen. I managed to sweep and wash out the garage floor but am really lacking in motivation today. I really need the shelving (thanks Ailsa for the link) but haven't decided on what I want and which to buy etc so I guess the junk will get put back in the garage if I don't decide soon.

As per usual not much knitting or crochet has been done and probably won't get done over the weekend. The house needs cleaning badly top to toe as having builders in the house brings dust and mud in no matter how careful everyone is. I haven't cleared up day by day I thought I would wait and have a good "do" at the weekend.

I got my bite guard today from the dentist.He asked me if I had heard back about whether they had found out if my saliva ducts were blocked because of Sjogrens Syndrome.I rang the hospital yesterday for the results of my blood tests as I have heard nothing from them in the last month and it looks like the curse of Jan has happened again. What blood tests? When did you have then done? Did you have them done here? Oh there is nothing in your notes I will have to look into it. Apparently they are dragging my notes up from storage in the dungeon so that they can request results for me. well not for me as apparently they can't tell me only my doctor or the dentist as he referred me to the hospital. Is it just me who gets constantly lost in the system? This is a different hospital to the one that lost me in the system last time although this hospital once lost all of my notes and files for 2yrs. I thought once everything got computerised then at least I would not get "missing in action" any more.

I am going to make a coffee and watch Rosemary and Thyme. The garage will have to wait until the weekend as I don't have a light in there at the moment and it is getting dark.

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Mad about Craft said...

I have a theory that junk breeds in the dark in garages. Ours is packed to the rafters and I keep threatening to get a skip so we can clear it out. I would dread doing what you've just done as i just don't know where we would put it all!!