Monday, 24 March 2008

Winging it once again

The snow is falling again but not sticking. I am crocheting so all is well in my world apart from a nagging headache that won't go away. I think it is coming from a crick in my neck rather than tension. Years ago I had whiplash and it troubles me from time to time. I probably slept with my neck at a funny angle or something. I will try some Ibuprofen Gel on it.

I started Kath's cardigan last night and as you can see I am winging it with the pattern stitch. She liked the openwork cardigan style that I made her for Christmas but as her office is rather cold requested another in a closer stitch. The pattern has decreases for the waistline and increases for the bust line done row by row on the pattern so it's all very much a crochet it and see kind of improvisation as I am unable to follow the decreases as set out on the pattern rows. I like a challenge and so far no unraveling but it is early days yet! The problem is that I think I shall run out of wool with the amount that was bought but my niece has said she will nip up to Clarks Crafts next weekend and get me a couple more balls if needed. If the dye lot is different then I can use it for the shawl collar and pockets.
The colourful photo is of my little pom pom maker that I bought when we visited the store on Friday. After the fiasco with the raggy poms on my pixie slippers I decided to invest in one. It will only make small pom poms in 3 different sizes (it's a clever little gadget the rings snap inside each other) but I am sure they will suffice for any poms I need to make in the near future. I will save some cardboard to make bigger ones next time I order from Amazon books. Hey that's a good excuse to buy new books. No it's not a good idea Jan think of your credit card bill and desist.
I am still paying off from all the vet bills I added to it before Christmas so adding to it is not good. I don't like using my credit card unless I can afford to pay it off every month but it was the only way at the time as the dog needed treatment and then an operation. I will not let my dog suffer no matter what the consequences are to my pocket. I did get told that I could have taken him to the RSPCA but the last time I visited that place it was so crowded and full of barking dogs that I couldn't face going there again. Buster gets very anxious in places like that and I could forsee a huge fight developing in the waiting room.
I have bought an exercise book in an attempt to write down all of my crochet (and knit) improvisations. I make things up as I go along and then if I want to make another one at a later date and have no idea how I made it. Crochet Diva asked me for the pattern for the khaki socks that I crocheted and I would like to make another pair for myself so this time I will try to write it down. The trouble is I write patterns in my own shorthand that only I could follow so if probably won't be of help to anyone else.
The snow has stopped and the sun is trying to shine. Buster is awaiting his second walk of the day so I will have a coffee and then take him. Hope everyone is having a Good Easter. Ailsa you can tuck into those eggs now that Lent is over!

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