Thursday, 13 March 2008

Anna's soakers finished

The second pair of soakers for Anna got finished tonight, It's funny but I was running out of wool and knitting faster and faster the smaller the ball got! Have you ever done that? It's like I am trying to race the end of the yarn. Silly really. I decided to put a heart on the back of the trousers and started to knit it in fair Isle and then realised that I was knitting in the round and the end of the yarn would always be at the wrong end for the next row Duh! I abandoned that idea and finished up swiss darning the heart. It hs worked out a bit thick really but maybe it will have extra soaking abilities in that area. I finished up with less than a metre of both colours left. That is what I call cutting it fine. I put a crochet edging on this pair to try to make it girly.

Anna's mum sent me the link to this web site The New Lanark online shop
The pure wool is very reasonably priced and she has ordered some wool for Anna's soakers so I will let you know what the quality is like. It looks very nice on the photos.

I went to water aerobics today but I was a bit late and so missed having my photo taken for the local newspaper. We were all wearing our red socks in aid of Sports Aid. The instructor said she wanted me to be on the photo as I am on the poster and leaflets advertising BEATS. I said well I was on a photo in the paper with the Mayoress of Bolton a couple of weeks ago so I can't hog all the limelight can I? ;)

I enjoyed the aerobics much more now that I have given up the other exercise class. My back is back to it's normal pain level so I am a happy bunny once more.


Anonymous said...
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Crobbles said...

The soakers look great.
I'm glad you got to do your water aerobics. A great way to keep you moving!

Crobbles said...

I think you need to remove the first comment, if you can. It's one of those nasty virus things.

ambermoggie said...

lovely soakers and glad I'm not the only one that knits faster as the yarn runs out:))
Glad you got to water aerobics today