Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stay At Home Weekend

These are the kinds of things that I make when I don't leave the house all weekend. There isn't a pattern for these as they came from my brain. They are probably influenced by something that I have seen in a book or on Ravelry, but the trimmings are my own idea.

 I made the blue trimmed one first and obviously didn't think things through properly as I think, on reflection, that the sail boat is on the wrong side. I am not unstitching it as I could damage the main cardigan by snipping through the wrong thread.

I am also going to amend any more that I make by putting a row of white around before I do the row of blue as I am not keen on the rather jagged edge that the blue has made around the neck and front edging.

I also think that the little boat would look more balanced with another sail but there wasn't room for it on this jacket. If I had put it on the other side then there would have been room for it.

This was the second attempt and I added a row of white all around this one before the pink shell edging.

Usual flower trim. I used 3 petal flowers to make the button loops for the white toggles. They are a little stiff to fasten at the moment but I am sure that they will slacken off with use.

This morning started off with a bit of a catastrophe. My top oven glass door has dropped off again. For those of you who have read my blog from the beginning you will know that the same thing happened about 2 yrs ago. My brother managed to glue it back on after a couple of attempts with some special glue that would withstand heat. I suppose that over the years the glue has melted. I have been fortunate though as each time the glass has started to fall off I have been in the kitchen and managed to catch it.

As you know most things happen in threes so please let the other two things that happen be small ones. I have a wasps nest in the roof tiles between the lounge bay window and the bedroom bay window so maybe that counts as number two. I am going to have to ring up tomorrow to find out how much it will cost to get the nest removed as I wake up every morning to wasps on the window bottom of my bedroom and next door can't open their windows as the wasps go inside their house.

Today has been quite warm but very muggy again. It's the kind of weather that feels like rain is imminent at any moment. I did manage to dry a bit of washing on my tiny line. My son is going to look out for a washing pole for me as previously I had tied the long washing line to the tree that fell over.

Should I start something else tonight or concentrate on sewing up the things that I have already made?

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Pooch said...

Very cute! The petals for the buttons are a great idea. The little sailboat looks just fine where it is!
I haven't even felt like knitting or hooking in our 90+ degree weather. The desire is there; it just gets too hot!