Friday, 22 July 2011

Back On The Net

Thanks to a new router and help from Gordon my ex next door neighbour my problem seems to be sorted. Ever since he fitted it for me my Internet connection has stayed on (touch wood) and I have had no more off hours. He also fitted the keyboard from my old PC. This one is cream and I can see the letters. The one that came with the PC that I am using now was black and most of the letters had worn off which made typing a bit of a hit and miss affair.

The Staghorn Sumac tree was absolutely rotten at the base and so unable to be saved.

It has left a hole in the garden. The only upside is that I now have more sunlight in the kitchen and a better view.

Luckily I have two mini trees that were left behind and I am sure that given time the one on the right will grow to be as big as the tree that fell over.

I don't know if you can see all the magpies on a neighbour's roof. These are the ones who used to visit my tree on a daily basis. I don't think that the small tree growing out of their chimney is much of a substitute for my tree but they can always sit in the Rowan tree at the bottom of his garden.

I have made this little dress and pants from a free Ravelry pattern called Baby Girl Sleeper Set by Abigail Goss. It is for foster baby girl M.

I added a couple of pink bows for trimming.

The hat was part of a free Ravelry pattern and partly by adding the same pattern stitch as the dress. I also added a little crochet flower and a pearl button.

As the white set turned out a bit on the small side I made the pink one a bit larger by starting off with more chain at the neckline. I put a chain tie through to hold it in a little.

Once again I added little pink bows to the bodice as a trim.

I added a matching beanie with a flower and pearl button trim. I hope that Sylvia has some long sleeved T shirts and tights to keep the baby warm as unfortunately we are not getting much of a Summer this year. I will post these off to Sylvia either tomorrow or Monday.

I will be returning back to the crocheting for my online store. I still have buttons and trimmings to sew on the things that I have already made. I had started a little cream outfit before Buster arrived but I put it away so as not to get dog hairs on it. I decided to make these two little dresses for baby M in between the shawl and going back to the cream crochet.

I am having a bit of a PJ day as once again I got up rather late and so am feeling rather droopy, I go for weeks with very little sleep and then I have a few days where I sleep for more than 12 hours at a stretch. I don't really like doing this as it wastes so much valuable crocheting time! Maybe my body needs to extra sleep to catch up on what I normally miss.

I think that it's a night in with my crochet just for a change lol. As if I do much of anything else these days. Still it makes me happy and I am never bored which is the main thing. It must be awful for anyone who is not active not to have a hobby. I wonder how they pass their time. I am alone but never lonely as my mind is always occupied making something. Crocheting has saved my sanity in my opinion. I am such a happy hooker. They should be able to bottle interesting hobbies and prescribe them to the bored!


June said...

Glad you are back on the net Jan. Love the baby clothes that you make, they are so pretty.

DaCraftyLady said...

Hello, I like your blog, I love the little baby outfits. :) too know I feel the same way I get up sometimes and just "gel" out and don't get dressed till later am...being lazy is fun...I tend to procrastinate because my bedroom is upstairs.,.,., how do people without hobbies survive??? I am always amazed at these people and feel a tad bit sorry for them...I have so many hobbies I could probably lend them magpies are all perched up there and so sorry you lost the tree but glad you got your 'puter' problems fixed....Debb

boltoncrafter said...

Agree Jan, it must be terrible to have no hobbies. I know people who finish work & don't know what to do with themselves. I have made more friends from knitting groups than I ever did at work, although I have 5 or 6 really good friends from work.

FoFo said...

The outfits are lovely! I'm glad you have a tree to replace the one you lost.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're online more now and hopefully the problem stays fixed. Beautiful baby items! I'm very sorry about the tree. I hate to see them die. They are so beautiful and give such joy.

Anonymous said...

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