Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Crochet Shawl In Chenille

My best fur buddy has now gone home. My son came to pick him up and also took me food shopping which I appreciated as it was raining as per usual.

Buster got a little bored on the weekend as playing ball in the house isn't  half as much fun as playing in the garden as you can see from the rather bored expression on his face.

Hey is that my Dad coming up the street? Oh no, false alarm, but I will still keep watch as I know that he will be here for me soon. I have no need for a doorbell when Buster is around.

The chenille shawl is  finished. It took 100 grams of the lilac, cream, and green chenille and about 150 grams of the black.

I usually put an edging on my shawls as I find fringes get very tatty. Chenille tend to unravel and lose it's fluff so I didn't fancy a thin bald looking fringe after a couple of washes.

I just used a simple half granny shawl pattern. There are plenty of free ones on Ravelry. The shawl is a bit too openwork to be really warm but I found it difficult to crochet with the chenille when I tried it on a smaller hook. Thanks Sue for the chenille, I think that the colours have worked really well together.

More supplies from Abakhan for my baby yarn stash. This time it is James C Brett 100 grams Baby Marble DK. I love the subtle colours of this yarn for small babies.

Some more colours to add to my stash for when I get around to starting a brightly coloured afghan for myself. I like bright shades but will probably use black with all of these bright colours. Not decided as yet whether it will be granny type squares or chevron pattern. I am a great fan of Attic 24 so will probably look at her projects for inspiration.

I ordered the green cone as I liked the colour. Not sure if it will be machine knitted or crocheted but it will finish up as something for me no doubt. The little satin bows are to add to my collection of trimmings.

As my Internet is still going off more than it is on I have been spending my time de hairing the house after Buster's visit. I will get back to my baby crochet just as soon as I am sure that at  least the front room is clear of hair again.

I am waiting for the tree surgeon to come and look at the uprooted tree. I am very much afraid that it can't be saved. Since it partially uprooted the leaves are starting to wither which is a sign that the roots could be irreparably damaged in which case the tree will be for the branch chopper machine. I will let you know how this evolves if I can stay on the Internet long enough to blog tomorrow.

I will go off now and post this whilst I still have a connection. Fingers crossed. Whilst I have been typing this the postman has just brought my new router from Orange so let's hope that does the trick of keeping me online. All I need to do now is fit it which isn't an easy task  for someone who can't bend at the knee. I might try to catch the eye of my neighbour later as he is good with computers.


June said...

I really like the J. Brett baby wool, such pretty colours. The shawl looks lovely, the colours go together well.
Hope you soon get your new hub fitted, so that you can stay online again.

Crochet dude said...

baby wool is lovely and love the shawl.