Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Yummy Colours

I think that I am addicted to yarn. In fact I KNOW I am addicted to yarn. When Kemps send me e mails saying that they have more bargains I can't resist having a peek. If you are in the UK and like nice yarns at Sale prices then they do have some fabulous offers so click on the link. They don't just have the acrylics which I have bought they have bargains in branded wools, merinos and fancy yarns too.

I don't have shares in the company but maybe I should as over the last couple of years I have ordered so much from them. I think that I am addicted to parcels arriving and opening them. I am sure it comes from the excitement I used to feel when new stock arrived when I used to have the wool shops. Even though I had ordered it and knew what was in the bags there was nothing to beat the high of tipping the contents of the bags out especially if it was a brand new yarn that I had only seen samples of. You can keep your recreational drugs and alcohol I get high on a bag of yarn.

More bright colours for use in blankets although I think that I will use the blue and the peach for my baby garments,  At £1.09p for 100 grams they are such a bargain.

 More colours. The lilac fleck and the lemon are for baby garments. The rest is for blankets.

More for the babies. These are 4ply bargains. A pale fleck and some lemon.

I have taken a closer photo but it's still difficult to see the tiny flecks of lemon and green in the ball of yarn. The flecks are very delicate. Lovely for a newborn and neutral for the 'don't know the sex until it's born' babies.

More buttons for my collection also from Kemps  When I have to pay ££'s for buttons in a shop some of these cost as little as 3p each so they are such a bargain. I like them as they are a bit different from the normal 'fisheye' or 'star' buttons which are usually the cheapest way of buying buttons. When I am making things to hopefully sell later these trimmings can add up to ££'s on top of the yarn price. Some buttons can cost almost a £ each so that doubles the cost price of making something small.

I have almost finished a cream crocheted baby set. I just have to add the trimmings. I have several items now all awaiting the details. I must put some effort into the final finishing and then I can show what I have made so far. I will crochet all day long (if I can) and then leave all the finishing off until later. I think I enjoy the crocheting far more than the finished article. I do prefer to sew things up in the daylight on the dining room table. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Time for a shower and get dressed. I knew that my parcel was arriving so I left my shower until after breakfast. I can't get down the stairs fast enough if the doorbell rings when I am upstairs. The parcel delivery men are quite used to the sight of my dressing gown. They usually deliver to me early morning as they know that I am usually up and around. I prefer it that way. Royal Mail, however, deliver any time of the day so it's difficult to judge when to shower or go shopping.

Lovely sunny day here so I am going to make the most of it by sitting in the back garden. I do have to collect my prescription but that is not until this afternoon.


June said...

I love looking at your new parcels of yarn and imagining what you will be making with it. Can't wait to see your baby outfits with all the trimmings. I think I am addicted to crochet and yarn too.

Anonymous said...

All that yarn looks like DESSERT to me. ;-)

Haylees Hats said...

he he this did make me smile reading about your excitement. I am the same too LOL xx