Monday, 11 July 2011

Still Busy Crocheting

The weather this weekend has been atrocious. Rain thundering down forming torrents that the grids could not take and so water was flooding down the street. It's at time like this that I am glad that I live on top of the hill and not at the bottom! The grid outside the garage had blocked with leaves so I was out there with a stiff broom amusing the neighbours trying to sweep the lake on the driveway into the grid that I had unblocked.  The good point about the weather is that I was firmly sat in my recliner finishing the last ,for now, jackets for the foster babies. I hope to get them posted off either today or tomorrow.

This matinee has finally used the last of the pink fleck that I bought at Bury market over 2 yrs ago. It has been like the never ending bag of yarn and has made several outfits so I have really had my value for money from that bag. It was unlabelled as some of the Sale market stock is but I can tell from the feel of it that it is a good quality yarn. He just sells unlabelled packs with a price on. They are all reasonably priced and I have not been disappointed with any of the packs that I have bought from him. I miss going up to Bury market for a browse at his Sale lines. Of course sometimes there is nothing in the Sale that I want but that is the luck of the draw. He still carries regular lines but they are mostly acrylic but I don't mind that for babies as it washes so well in the machine.

The pattern for this is Four Little Cherubs  which I bought through Ebay. My skirt stitch isn't quite the same as the pattern as I think that I misinterpreted her instructions for crocheting the single treble in between the shell stitch and so mine has come out as a round the post stitch. I quite liked it so I decided to continue with this stitch even though it is not to the pattern. I couldn't quite understand what she meant on the pattern instructions but it was late in the evening.

I have made this little jacket 3 or 4 times now. This one is a special request from a friend of Sylvia. I made it using James C Brett baby 4ply that I bought at Abakhan. I did make the bottom half of the matinee a bit longer as the pattern only suggests 2 rows before the start of the holes for the ribbon and I feel that this is a bit short.

Close up of the stitches. The bottom border is worked sideways and then the main body is started from picking up along the long edge of the border. My only criticism is that this makes the first row of the skirt a bit tight. I keep forgetting to add an extra chain to each loop to stop it puckering.

This is the pattern  Sirdar 1901. It is a fairly new pattern so should be available still although sometimes in the US the pattern is released with a different number.

I made this little jacket with the rest of the ball left over from the previous jacket. As it is an openwork pattern and short length I just managed to squeak it out of the left overs with a yard to spare.

The pattern should have had 3 flowers on each front and 6 on the back but as I ran out of wool I could only make 4 flowers for decoration.

The pattern is another fairly new pattern from Sirdar 1900. I think that I got both patterns from Purplelinda but they are available from most Sirdar stockists.

All I need to do now is pack everything in a bag ready for the post. The weather is looking like rain again so I have a feeling that it will be tomorrow when I post the parcel as the post office is some distance away and I don't fancy getting a soaking again. I do have to nip to the shops for some food but that will just be a quick up to the village and back praying that I stay reasonably dry. I will take my bright yellow rain poncho with me. It is great but it is so flimsy that parts of it keep tearing. It was very cheap so I think that I will look out for a better quality cape.

I am now going back to crocheting for my online store to be. I broke off when the foster babies arrived but now I have made a few things it's time to return to trying to earn a few pennies if I can. I have a yarn addiction to pay for!


FoFo said...

Very pretty!!!

June said...

Such pretty little jackets Jan. Now I look forward to what you make for your online shop.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, such pretty little girl loveliness.

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, so pretty! You always make me wish I had a baby to crochet for. I'm sure there will be grandbabies in ten years or so.... LOL