Friday, 15 July 2011

Putting The Pieces of Crochet Together

I am blogging whilst I have Internet service. For the last 2 days I have had very intermittent service despite a phone call to Orange. They are supposed to be sending me a new router box. I say supposed to as when I renewed my contract almost a year ago they promised me one then which never arrived. Every time I have trouble with my connection and I phone them they say they will send a new router and I have yet to receive one. Let's hope that it will be 4th time lucky.

I will be glad when this week is over so that hopefully when I start a new week nothing else will break down.

Buster is having a great time as the weather has been nice and sunny so we have been out in the garden most of the time. I have been attempting to crochet in between throwing his rather mucky ball. He has a passion for digging in any bit of dirt that he can find and he takes his ball with him. As his ball is wet with saliva you can imagine what I have to contend with.

There has been no baby crocheting done whilst he is around for  dirt and dog hair reasons. I have been crocheting a top for my elder niece instead. It is cotton so the hair doesn't stick to it and she will have to rinse it through to get rid of any muddy paw prints!

At the moment it looks rather like a crochet jigsaw puzzle. The body is worked separately, as are the short sleeves and the yoke. I will show you the finished article once it is sewn together. I thought that if I waited until I had finished today then my Internet might have gone off again. I just hope that it stays on so that I can show you the finished cardigan tomorrow.

Today has not been completely wasted, computer wise, as my new set of printer inks arrived this morning and so I have been printing out some of the patterns from Just Crochet that I ordered and saved because I didn't have any ink to print them out with. Beverooni is convinced that I have every one of Heather's patterns but there are still a few that I don't have yet.

I will have to find something else to crochet as Buster isn't going home until Sunday or Monday so baby clothes are out of the question. I can always make something from my oddments. I like making stripey shawls or scarves with my bits from stash. Sorting all the colours out a couple of weeks ago makes it easy for me to see at a glance what I have in stash.

The RSPCA animal charity just called to see if I wished to donate. They are a very worthy cause and helped save one of my cat's lives when I was out of work and couldn't afford vet bills so it's only right that I support them now. Buster, of course, did his usual growl and menace and things went from bad to worse when one of their colleagues came to the door. Unfortunately Buster is not only very protective of me he is also a racist, This comes from before we got him. He practically leaped through the bay window at this poor girl. We don't know much about his previous life except that he had been starved and beaten. We think that somewhere along the line he has encountered cruelty from someone of colour as he certainly hasn't got this attitude from us. The guy in my house said that they would explain to her later what was wrong and why I wouldn't let her in. He said that it was the first racist dog that he had come across.

The weather has changed and rain is on the way. Looks like there won't be any more catch games today. My eldest niece is coming to do my hair roots tomorrow and Buster loves her. If it's not raining she will have a game of catch with him in the garden or even take him for a short walk if she has the time.

Back to my crochet jigsaw. I hope that it is easier to put together than it looks.

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Mad about Craft said...

My Dad is also having internet problems & is with Orange too!

Dogs can be the funniest creatures and humans aren't always their best friends.

PS Your pads have got so far as to be in envelope to be posted to you.