Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mobile Phones Don't Like Orange Juice

Yesterday I managed to kill my mobile phone. I had been shopping in the village and bought some more storage tray boxes for my buttons. I had sent a text to my niece so my phone was on a box at the side of me as was a glass of orange juice. Somehow I knocked my mobile phone and despite having all of the table to fall on it decided to fall into my glass of orange! Despite rescuing it asap and drying it all out it still seems to be switching on but I have lost the light on my screen. My son is calling down later with a spare phone of his that used to be mine. I need a new phone anyway as the other one was over 3 yrs old and the one I am getting back from my son is around 8 yrs old. My niece finishes teaching in a week or so for the summer holidays so maybe she will take me to a phone store to buy a new phone.

Earlier this week the toaster stopped working and my printer is on the blink. I thought that was my three things until I filled the kettle for my coffee. Water is coming out of the see through screen that shows the water level and I have a counter top with a puddle. As things usually happen in three's I do hope that I don't have another two more things to happen.

This is an order from Kemps that arrived yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a pack of Sirdar Calico in the deeper pink from the Sale pages. It was a bargain reduced to 99p a ball. I later decided that the colour is a little dark for babies so I ordered another pack to make something for myself at a later date. This pack is a different dye lot to the first pack but I am sure that I can work it together somehow.

I ordered these two colours of Woolcraft DK Baby Prints from Kemps at the same time. They are pretty delicate spot prints pale enough for even a young baby. I still have not managed to get to Bury market wool stall. He usually has quite a few shades of random and fleck baby yarn to choose from. One day when it is market day and I am having a good day knee and back wise I am going to take my 4 wheeler trolley up to Bury on the tram and buy lots of fleck shades. Until then I have loads of plain colours still to crochet. I am OK walking with aid on the flat but the walk up to the village and the station is the bit that knackers me before I even get to Bury.

Whilst I was in the hardware shop buying my storage trays I saw this yarn on the shelves. It's not good quality acrylic but I fell in love with the colours. I want to make a small afghan for myself either in granny squares or in a different coloured block patterns or even a ripple design. I have lots of oddments in stash but I wanted a few really bright colours to liven it up a bit. I will be able to get more bright colours when I get to the market.

These baby jackets and pinafore are now in the post on their way to Sylvia for the foster baby. I do hope that they arrive OK. Sylvia and I like to dress the babies up nicely. Some of the babies have a bad start to life so it's nice to pretty them up as you would do any baby born to a loving family. We both like new babies dressed in pale colours so that is another point that Sylvia and I agree on.

As I have mentioned before I have bought lots of patterns from Just Crochet  by Heather Davidson. I have crocheted a few of her patterns, some that you haven't yet seen. My US friend Bev also loves Heather's patterns in fact I think that it was Bev who introduced me to the web site. Bev has just finished one of Heather's designs and you can see it on her blog One Yarn After Another . I would never have though of using orange for a baby but now I have seen Bev's little outfit it has changed my mind.  Using it with white really works.

I am part way through a white matinee in 4ply intended for my store and I will return to a cream 4 piece set that I left in the middle of the jacket to make clothes for the foster babies. I will have to spend a day sewing buttons and trimmings on to the things that I have already made. I am working towards starting the online store next month. I want to open with at least 10 outfits so I am more than half way there now.

Lily,the lodger cat, has just paid me her morning visit. She will get a shock at the weekend as I am looking after my best fur friend Buster for a few days. He will stop the baby crochet as he sheds hair so much. I might just start something for me whilst he is here. I don't mind a few intertwined dog hairs in my crochet but I don't think that anyone would like to buy a baby outfit full of dog hair.

Time to wash the dishes and then settle down to some crochet. I really need to do a bit of housework too.


FoFo said...

I'm sorry!!! You have had a rough week haven't you. The yarns are lovely and I adore all the things you've made for the baby. You do such pretty work!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I too hope that doesn't mean you have two more things coming your way. It seems my daughter and I are usually on the same mishap track. She will have a mishap and then I will follow -- always in 3s. We joke about it all the time. The little jackets are precious -- as always -- you are an inspiration to me. I'm glad you liked my little orange set. I wasn't sure it would work but as I said it was just screaming at me to buy it. So not me to choose that color for a baby. I too usually go for the most pastel colors.