Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Back to the Rain again

I told you that the sun wouldn't last. The rain is back this afternoon. Luckily my hospital appointment was this morning when it was dry and still quite warm.Today it was a scan on my left knee. I don't know what the results are and my next appointment with the specialist isn't until January, unless they send for me earlier when they get the results of this scan. I am not holding my breath though. Unless they find something drastic in the knee I will probably have to wait until January as that is the speed that they work at Hope Hospital. I just hope that the weather stays warmer as it eases my old bones. I don't mind the no sun just as long as it is fairly warm.

This is the first matinee that I have made with the James C Brett baby Marble DK. As Sylvia had bought two balls I started a crochet cardigan and just have the buttons to stitch on that one. This pattern is Peter Pan P 1022 and if I remember rightly I bought it online from Purplelinda.

The matinee just took 100 grams as has the cardigan that I have just finished. Photos of that tomorrow. I have also just received 2 more baby patterns in the post that I ordered online and I will also show you those tomorrow.

I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club last night and a local magazine is doing an article for next months copy on the Kings Arms and came in to interview Rachael about all the things that she has been involved with for the Kings and also her other projects including the Islington Mill where if you remember we attached flowers and other things to lamp posts with instructions to pick a flower. As the reporter is a local man he had seen all the decorations pinned to the posts. I am going to look forward to seeing a copy of this magazine even though I don't actually live in Salford it is a mere mile or so away from where I live so I am interested in it's events. I am sure that Rachael will be reporting on the magazine ,when it comes out, on her blog Artyarn which always is an interesting read and tells of what things she is involved in at the moment.

My crochet for my store has stopped for the moment as I want to post off the things for the foster babies before the end of the week. I have received an order via Sylvia for a little matinee jacket like the ones I made for her last year. Someone saw the foster baby wearing hers and fell in love with it. I will start that as soon as I have finished off the things that I am making now. The baby that it is for will be a girl but she is not due for another couple of weeks so I can make it next week.

Time for a sit down and a coffee and hope that my headache fades away. Despite being given head phones the clanging and banging of the scanner gave me a dull headache which isn't being helped by this sultry weather. It feels like thunder in the air and I am not a huge fan of that (or the lightning)


FoFo said...

The sweater is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how similar our weather is. When you have rain we have rain. When you have snow we have snow, etc. You'd think you lived in my neighborhood!

You've got a lot on your plate right now with all those little jackets to make. I love this little multi-colored one. It looks so soft and comfy.