Friday, 8 July 2011

More Baby Crochet

I am still crocheting away for foster baby M. I want to post off the parcel on Monday so it's crocheting every spare minute until then.

I used a vintage Listers pattern for this baby pinafore. There are several very similar patterns on Ravelry should you ever wish to make one. I used up an odd ball of James C Brett Marble DK left over from a crochet sweater that I made for myself last year. I had to eke it out with a few rows of a plain lilac DK but I think that it has merged in with the other colour very well.

You can see the slightly different colour near the bottom of the pinafore and also the tie at the waist. The pinafore fastens with tiny buttons at the shoulders. It can be worn over a babygro whilst she is small or over a T shirt and trousers as she grows.

 This jacket is adapted from a pattern that I bought from Ravelry called Candy Pink Baby Cardigan by Mon Petit Violin. It is a great pattern to follow as it has diagrams as well as the printed instructions. The pattern is made with ties and a small collar but as Sylvia is not fond of collars on a very small baby I left it as a round neck and just added a similar trim to the bottom edge. The only other alteration that I made was to narrow the sleeves as the very edge as they came out very wide.

The wool is some white baby quicker knit that was given to me. Close up of the round the post stitch that gives a corded effect in lines. This jacket is started from the neck down.

Vintage patterns that arrived yesterday. I bought them from Vintage crochet Lady . I buy a lot of patterns from her and keep re visiting her site as she adds to her patterns regularly The pink pattern in the bottom right hand corner is knitted but the other three are crocheted.

These are some more vintage patterns from Sue with the exception of the bottom right pattern. That is Four Little Cherubs that I bought through Ebay from It is 4 different designs for matinee jackets with hats and bootees that are in premature and newborn sizes.

Off to do some more crochet before my posting deadline of Monday.


June said...

The little foster baby will look very pretty and comfy in all those lovely crochet clothes you are making. I wish that modern mothers would learn to make baby clothes like our generation used to do, as they are so much better than anything in the shops.

Anonymous said...

What great pattern finds, Jan. I can't wait to see some of them made. Are you getting closer to your shop opening? I'm really excited for you.