Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sirdar Crochet Top Finished

I managed to solve the puzzle of all of the pieces of the Sirdar crochet top for my elder niece.  This is the front view.

The back view of the top. As you can see it hasn't been blocked out. My niece is going to do that as at the moment it is a bit on the small side but as I explained the cotton will give out a lot once it is wet.

I think that having the mannequin makes a lot of difference to how something is displayed,

This is the Sirdar pattern that I used. The sizes are from a young girl to an adult and can be made with long or short sleeves. I chose the short sleeved version to be worn over vest tops in the Summer (what Summer?)

This is the booklet that the pattern came from although I think that Sirdar has released a few patterns from it as single leaflets. The cotton that I used was a  ribbon type cotton that I bought from Habiknit. Although it was without a label it feels like a good quality cotton. The top took just over 5 x 50 gram balls and it was a double knit thickness.

This is Buster waiting for his Auntie to arrive this morning. There was no walk or ball throwing today as the rain was coming down in torrents again.

My Internet continues to be off more than it is on. It went off yesterday tea time and didn't come on again until lunchtime today. I hope that the new router box ( if and when it arrives) solves the problems that I am having.

As Buster doesn't go home until tomorrow or Monday I have started a shawl with chenille oddments that my friend Sue gave to me. I don't mind if a few Buster hairs get attached to this. Yesterday Buster was funny. He heard the ice cream van chimes two streets away and insisted on sitting outside to wait for the van to arrive. After a while I persuaded him to come in. He then sat on the chair ( like he does in the photo) and stared out of the window until the van arrived. He ran out before me and almost pushed the little girl from next door over in his haste to be first in the queue. The cornet was demolished in about a minute and then he sat drooling at my cornet. I saved him the last bit and that went the way of his cornet. I swear that he would eat ice cream all day if he could!

I forgot to post yesterday that having Buster has it's advantages. I was up very early morning to let him into the garden and a fox was casually strolling down the street. He stopped and we locked eyes for a moment and then he continued on his way. I don't know why I called him a he as it could so easily have been a she. Luckily Buster didn't see it as he was in the back garden at the time.

I had better post this blog page before I lose Internet connection again.


Mmatilda said...

Congratulations on the crochet top, it looks so very nice! I am sure the neice will be happy. If You wonder where the summer has gone I can tell You it has been here in the north of Sweden - we have had a fantastic hot summer so far!

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, that top is so cute. You do such wonderful work.

StitchMeLane said...

Hi Jan,
It's beatiful!