Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Summers Day

This is more like it. I awoke to beautiful sunshine. I was up at 6am and I am so glad otherwise I might have missed some of this glorious day. Never mind the housework I have been sitting out in the sunshine most of the day. Underneath my parasol of course as I didn't want to get sun burned. My skin hasn't got acclimatised to the sun so far this year. I have still caught the sun today. I only have to look at the sun for 5 minutes and I go brown. My niece finds it strange that even though I don't actively sunbathe just by being outside in it  my skin gets a tan. I usually wear shorts and a vest top when the weather is nice so any tiny amount of sun seems to catch me. My late Mother used to call this way of getting a tan as weathering. My knees love the warmth. They have had a really good day

I have had my feet up and have been crocheting most of the day. The sun has now gone off the back garden so it's time to sit in the front room and enjoy the rest of the sunshine albeit through glass. I have been making some more  cardigans for the new foster baby. I should have at least one more to show you by tomorrow. I am using some James C Brett baby Marble DK that Sylvia bought from Bury market a couple of years ago. It was to be for her then new foster baby which was supposed to be a girl but when it arrived it was a boy. She told me to keep the yarn as one day it would come in useful. Now it has with the arrival of baby M.

This is a cardigan that I finished off yesterday. I used some white baby quicker knit that my friend Sue gave to me. I used a double knit pattern by Kay Jones Number 166. The cardigan was coming out a bit smaller than the pattern as the yarn was finer so I made the 2nd size instead of the first.

It is the first time that I have used this pattern but it was so quick and easy that I have no doubt that I will be using it again in the near future.

Today I had another little visitor. Poppy, the little dog from next door. When I am in the garden she often comes to visit me. This caused a bit of a problem though as my little black cat visitor decided to hop over the fence to see me too. Luckily the cat spotted Poppy and leapt back over the fence again. I have now found out little black cat's name. Her Dad was mowing the lawn so I asked him. She is called Lily. If she comes back tomorrow I now can call her by her name.

I was trying to sort out the mess of papers on my desk today. I have a habit of putting things that need to be dealt with on my desk, I only usually file away once a bill is paid. It's lucky that I did as I was convinced that my left knee scan was in the middle of July when in fact it is on Tuesday. Whew I might have missed that if I hadn't tidied up my desk today.

It's on days like this that I wish that I still had the small barbecue. I am not cleaning the big barbecue just for one small piece of chicken for my dinner. It's a waste of charcoal. I will put it in the oven instead. It's a shame that no-one in the neighbourhood has a barbecue going as I could have asked if I could pop my bit of chicken on theirs. Nothing like being cheeky is there ;-)  I haven't bothered giving the big barbecue a good clean this year as there hasn't been the weather for it.  I don't have a posh one. Just an open brick one that my ex built at the bottom of the garden and being open to the elements it gets very dirty over the winter. I bought a tiny portable one but left it outside and it all went rusty. There just hasn't been the nice weather to tempt me into buying another one. I would have to ask someone to get me one from the hardware store as it is too far away for me to go on my scooter. Local shops have almost disappeared with the advent of all these out of town DIY superstores.

 Today it has been lovely and peaceful in the garden. The only noise was the young children playing in the paddling pool but I don't mind that kind of noise. Luckily I was up early this morning as the local small boys decided on a noisy game of football on the street about 8.30am which didn't please the neighbours who were trying to have a Sunday morning lie in!

Time to put the chicken in the oven and see what delights are in store for me on the TV tonight. Hopefully I will have another baby jacket to show you tomorrow.

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FoFo said...

The jacket is beautiful! Glad that you got some sleep and were feeling well today. Being in the sunshine does a body good! I used to tan like you do, now all I do is burn! Cant' wait to see the next one!