Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thunder, Lightning and Torrential Rain

This is more like the Manchester weather that I know so well. Those few brief days of sunshine are over and the weather is back to normal today. It rained so hard that it knocked out the signal on the TV.

I sewed the buttons on the second cardigan for foster baby M and have almost finished a pinafore dress for her,

 This is the 2nd cardigan that I have made with the 2 x 100 gram balls of James C Brett Marble baby DK. The pattern is one from Just Crochet and is pattern JC39A. It also has a matching beanie but I didn't have enough wool left to make that.

The pattern is a very easy 2 row repeat so the cardigan was finished very quickly.

My order from Abakhan came today. I bought 2 x 400 grams of the lemon and 4x 100 grams of lilac in James C Brett baby DK. The little bags contain bows in cream and peach.

I ordered the little buttons from Minerva through Amazon. They have a star shape embossed on them and come in little bags of 100 at £2.99 a bag. This works out far cheaper than paying for buttons a few at a time from a shop. These are the tiniest size so I have repeated the order for the slightly larger size that is suitable for DK buttonholes. This size is £3.99 a bag but when you see online the prices that are asked for 6 buttons it's worth spending to buy the bags. I probably won't have to buy any baby buttons for a while now unless I want a different colour or something different for a special baby cardigan.

I didn't go out today because of the awful weather. Tomorrow the gardener is coming. She was going to trim the hedge for me but I think that it will be too wet for doing that. Maybe the sun will come out and dry up all the rain.

Lily, the lodger cat, is fast asleep on the rocking chair. She came this morning for her breakfast and has been out all day until the rain came on heavy again and she appeared at the patio door.

I haven't done much crochet today as I am having a nodding off, cat napping, kind of a day. I crochet a few rows and then sleep for about 10 mins then I wake again. I think that I need the pressures changing on my sleep apnea machine. I am just dog tired most of the days. I hope to settle down to a bit of crochet tonight. Let's hope that there is something enthralling on the TV to keep my brain awake!

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linda said...

'dog days' i.e. thundery, sultry weather make me so tired as well.Funny, my Mum used to say I looked 'weathered' too!