Monday, 25 July 2011

I Am Still On The Net

Just been a bit lazy with my blogging over the weekend. I haven't had much to blog about so when that happens I just leave it for a few days.

Today should have been Knit Club night but the pub was shut for filming, They never let Rachael know and she travelled all the way there to be told that the pub was closed. Thankfully she phoned me before my taxi arrived otherwise I would have been down there with her outside the door. They know that we have a regular Monday night Knit Club so it wouldn't have taken them a minute to ring Rachael and let her know. I am campaigning for free drinks for Rachael next Monday.

Today in the 4th anniversary of the loss of Ollie, the cat I inherited from a neighbour. It doesn't seem that long. It must be 10 yrs since I lost my other cat Nelson who sadly had to be put the sleep at the old age of 19 yrs as he contracted meningitis. Sad though it was I am glad that I nursed Ollie in my arms until he passed away. He deteriorated so rapidly that I didn't have the time to get him to the vet. He was under treatment from the vet for his thyroid but the vet decided that he was too old to withstand another operation and said just take him home, give him his medication  and bring him back when you feel the time is right. Ollie decided for himself and passed away very peacefully.

It's another anniversary today, It's 3 yrs since my spinal operation. It has been a partial success although this weekend it has been giving me a lot of pain. I think that i should concentrate on trying to lose  some weight as I am carrying a lot of the weight on my tummy and I think this is having an effect on my back. I think that I need to become one of the corseted ladies to improve my posture as well as maybe trying to look a bit sexy. Well a lady can but try. I have found this great site Corsets UK which is really tempting me. I have always wanted a corset but the ones that i saw before were really expensive whereas this site has some reasonably priced ones as well. Watch this space. I intend to be a Victorian tightly laced lady. (Well not that tightly laced lol)

Off to do some crochet and watch a bit of TV instead of going to Knit Club. I hope to have a more interesting post on another day.

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