Sunday, 17 July 2011

What Else Will Go Wrong?

This is my beautiful Stag horn Sumac tree. Or rather this was my beautiful Stag horn Sumac tree. I let Buster out for a wee at 6am and all was well. I let him out again at 8.30am and found that the tree had uprooted and fallen. It must have fallen slowly as I never heard anything. The only thing keeping it slightly upright is the wall and the old planters. I think that it has rotted at the base but I will have to phone my son's friend who is a tree surgeon to see if anything can be saved. The tree is preventing me from getting to the bottom of the garden to take a proper look as it has fallen across the steps.

This tree is the baby of a tree cutting that my Mum brought from my Aunt's garden in Llanfairtalhearn, North Wales way back in the 50's. She grew the cutting into a tree and when our first shop and our home behind had to be demolished in the early 70's to make way for an Asda Walmart ( which is an eyesore!!!) she took a cutting with her to her new home and gave me a cutting. The small cutting grew into a tree and has had several 'babies' that have sprung up and been given to friends. Fortunately if the worst comes to the worst I have two baby trees growing on either side of Mama tree. It's a mystery how the tree came to be in my aunt's garden in North Wales as the tree is native to Canada. It is a beautiful tree and in the autumn the leaves turn into a lovely golden brown and the fruits are bright red. It's sad to lose a tree that I have watched grow for almost 40 yrs.

I do hope that this is the last of the bad events as this will be number six in the space of one week. I hope to start the new week better but my Internet is still going off for hours at a time. If they ever send me a new router then I hope that this will be the end of my problems.

On the crochet front I have been working on a 4 coloured granny stripe shawl with some chenille given to me by my friend Sue. Buster isn't going home until tomorrow so I can't make a start on any baby crochet tonight. At least I will be able to almost finish the shawl tonight as it is on a large hook. I don't mind a bit of dog hair so the shawl will probably be added to my shawl collection. I like the way that it is crocheting up and have plans to make more shawls with stash oddments. Once I have finished this shawl off I will have an idea how much yarn it takes to make one. It is nice mindless crochet  for when I am chatting at Knit Club or watching something enthralling on the TV.

Tomorrow will be taken up with hoovering dog hair from everywhere, washing throws, cushions and bedding on the spare bed that Buster sleeps on. As it will probably still be raining then the tumble dryer will be on all day.

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crazymotheringchick said...

Well, things seem to go in threes, yes? So maybe that's it....

Can't wait to see the shawl.