Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cream 3 Piece Set for a Baby

Finally I have got around to taking some photos of the cream baby 3 piece set that i finished last week. The pattern is JC22A from Just Crochet but I changed the pattern stitch and didn't make the scarf.

I am a little concerned that the jacket looks a bit small compared with the bibbed pants. Maybe it is designed to be worn as a short jacket to the waist. If I had made the pants first then I would have added a couple more rows to the jacket length.

The jacket is trimmed with little flower motifs on the pattern but I wanted something very boyish for my collection so I chose to add a little teddy bear motif and added a ribbon bow. I also chose more 'manly' buttons in a cream and brown mix.

I put similar coloured, but flatter, buttons on the bib. I didn't want anything sticking into baby's neck. I had to amend the hat pattern as when I put the number of chain suggested on the pattern it seemed very large so I knocked a few chain off. It still looks a bit on the large side but maybe I have lost touch with babies head sizes.

Yesterday I got a lift down to the Kings Arms Knit Club from my niece. Not as many there as usual but I still got a good natter and it did get me out of the house.

Today I did some shopping as I am doing my Dr. Doolittle impersonation this week. Tomorrow and Thursday I am looking after the two dogs from next door whilst they go to a family funeral and on Friday morning my furry best friend Buster is coming for the weekend until Sunday or Monday morning.

The animals will but a bit of a halt to my crocheting. I am making a 3 coloured jacket at the moment which just needs the edging and final trimmings and buttons adding. It's another one that I made the pattern up myself. I crochet far quicker when I am not following a pattern but the trouble is that I annoy people when I don't write the patterns down.

Even I have to look at the photos of things that I make in order to make another one. Thank goodness for Ravelry and Flickr for giving me a photographic source to remind me how I made something. I look at some photos and think - I don't remember making that! I must try to make some tissue paper templates of my jackets so that I know what size to crochet to next time. Years ago, before there was so many crochet patterns to choose from I always crocheted to the size of paper patterns that I had made by drawing around things in my wardrobe that fitted me. I have even used dressmaking patterns as templates but that was when I was young and slim.

I read on an article on the net today that granny square cot blankets are the latest must have accessory for the nursery so that has given me something else to make for my online shop. I looked at the ones for sale to get ideas. Some were very pastel in colour and some were brightly coloured but with white edgings. I can manage granny squares whilst dog minding.


CrochetBlogger said...

Cute set. I like the teddy bear addition.

FoFo said...

Very pretty!!!