Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Furry Visitors

These are my two house guests. Mum and Dad have gone to a funeral and won't be back until tomorrow. They live next door to me and so are used to me looking after them but they are not too keen when it comes to bedtime. Normally they only stay with me for a few hours. There was a little bit  of conflict this morning as Lily was asleep on her rocking chair when they arrived and I had to rescue her. She scratched me for my trouble, but that's cats for you.

Poppy thinks this is her second home as she visits me all the time via the hedge. She never has a problem staying with me.

Buddy is a Mommas boy. He had a bit of a sulk for a while when he first arrived but soon perked up with the promise of jerky treats!

They both helped me to unpack my two parcels that arrived this morning as you can see from the bag visible in the first photo. I think they thought that the bags contained something other than boring balls of yarn.

The first parcel was just more supplies of white James C Brett 400 grams of baby DK yarn as I had underestimated just how much white that I would need for my crochet projects.

The second parcel was from Kemps which has some more bargain goodies. The lemon and pink textured are for pram blankets although the yellow is a bit brighter than I anticipated. That's the only drawback with ordering online. With my monitor the colours aren't always true. I got some more bargain buttons. If you like a collection of buttons then I suggest that you take a look at their sale buttons.

This is really what I placed the order with Kemps for. I had bought and used some Rowan Natural Silk Aran for my sister in law for her Birthday but when I saw that they had reduced this colour to 99p a ball I just could not resist buying some to stash for myself. It looks far nicer out of the plastic bag. It is one of those 'go with anything' colours that are so useful in a wardrobe. The pink fleck Baby 4ply was also reduced so that has been added to my baby stash.

I finished this off last night and started another jacket. The idea came from a very old pattern but as that was in two colours I changed it to three colours so that I could strand up the sides. I did quite a lot of modifications as the original pattern has a hood, but of course as per usual didn't write anything down. I really should make a tissue paper template so that I can make another one should it be needed.

The jacket is mainly half trebles (UK) with double crochet (UK) edgings. I added the little butterflies as a bit of added interest.

I don't think that I will get much crochet done for the rest of the week with the dogs being here until tomorrow and then Buster arriving on Friday morning. Buddy and Poppy don't shed but Buster sheds hair around himself like a halo. I often wonder why he isn't bald! I can't crochet anything important when Buster is around. I do have some oddments of DK cotton that I might make into something. The cotton doesn't attract the dog hair like the synthetics do.

It's almost time for dinner for me and then later feed the dogs. They went for a long walk this morning and so don't need another walk until my neighbours arrive home in the morning. Poppy has shown Buddy where I keep the dog treats so every time I go anywhere near the kitchen I have two furry friends at my heels.


FoFo said...

The dogs are adorable and the sweater is beautiful!

NancyLee said...

Could you tell me where I can buy this pattern. I just love the colors and the butterfly can you put one on your etsy shop if you don't have the pattern? Its so cute would love to make some for babies in the family...