Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Yet another bad day

No - nothing to do with the hand. I rested it all yesterday. I didn't do any knitting or crochet and wore my wrist strap all day and even all night. Yes I know I am not supposed to wear it at night but I must sleep with my wrist bent and that is what causes a lot of the numbness in my fingers. The pins and needles pain as the feelings return is what wakes me up although Monday morning was especially painful. Usually by the time I have showered and dressed I can feel my fingers and the pain is a level I can cope with. Last night I slept in the wrist strap and there was no numbness so I will try it again tonight. I have a splint, with a metal bar to stop my wrist bending in sleep, that I was given when I had the carpal problem with my right hand but of course I can't wear that for the left hand. They were supposed to refer me for the left hand after the right one had healed but of course, being me, that seems to have been forgotten about.

The bad day I refer to is the fact that I have had no Internet connection for most of the day. I didn't realize just how much I use it until it was gone plus the fact I was waiting for an answer to an e mail that I had sent to the hospital. I have just got back on the net at 7pm but of course Mr Mohammad's secretary has not answered my e mail. I will give her a day and then give her a ring on Thursday. I got an answer from the care nurse on Monday and she said I am not on the TCI list (TCI means To Come In list) and she suggested I contacted his secretary as I said the 18 week deadline was up on the 17th June. I guess once again they will find some excuse as to why I am not operated on in the 18 weeks as they did 2yrs ago. Then they wonder why I am depressed! I feel like I am promised things that never happen. Other people have ops on time but every time in my life I have ever needed an operation I always get problems. I went to hospital 3 times before they took my tonsils out. Once they said they could not do it as I had tonsillitis ( now there is a surprise I had it every 2 weeks hence the need of an op) second time no beds, third time I got to the theatre and an emergency came in so they sent me home again. 4th time they operated. It took 3 attempts before I got my broken nose fixed. There must be something about my name or my face doesn't fit or something. I am getting overlooked again by the sound of it and it's not even the same hospital as before. Maybe I should consider a name change? Mrs George Clooney? Lady McCartney? Any suggestions?

The photos are of where I was up to before I got my hand problems. The purple is Doris Chan's Jewel. I got 4 rows done to her design and the rest of it is mine. I hope that I reach the armholes with the right amount of shell increases as I am winging it along. The pink is another smaller version of the Sweet Pea shawl. I am going to try a few rows tonight but limit it to a half hour and then a half hour break.

I was going to update my Ravelry today but as the net was down most of the day the feeling has passed. Maybe tomorrow? I will watch How to Look Good Naked and the Duchess of York in Hull instead.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. They help me enormously when I am having a bad day. Buster is a very good listener but not very good at entering into a discussion. Ailsa I will smuggle you a hat any day and June if I ever master Doris I will let you in on the secret. Knitting Dragonfly I am sure that you will master crocheting a sweater but I wouldn't start with Doris! Zuleika I will try the illuminated crochet hook the next time I need a 4mm hook.

I hope that tomorrow will bring me - Internet all day, no pain in my wrist and a good answer to my e mail to the hospital.


Crobbles said...

So glad you're back online and blogging.

You need to be pushy instead of polite. Start ranting and shouting and maybe the hospital will get their fingers out. You are as important as anyone else.

June said...

I can see you have made a good start on the Jewel sweater and it is my favourite colour too.
I hope your wrist is free of pain today, so that you can continue with it. I agree with Crobbles, perhaps you should try being a bit more assertive, as you deserve better treatment than what you are getting.

knitting dragonfly said...

Thanks for the advice, yours is beautiful. Don't you just hate it when everything seems to be going against you?
Have you ever tried massage for the wrist/hand?

Zuleika said...

It's looking great so far, love the color! You sound like you're breaking down sweetheart! :-) I think I like Lady McCartney. :-) Crobbles is right, you're going to have to get pushy, these people are messing with your health.