Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sweet Pea shawl

This is a smaller sized version of the Sweet Pea shawl from Stitch n Bitch The Happy Hooker book. It isn't blocked in these photos and I am sure it will look far nicer once Vicky blocks it out. I made it for Perran from 200 grams Patons Fab double knit that Vicky bought as lemon is Perran's favourite colour.

I have finished the pale blue baby crochet jacket but have not stitched on the buttons so photo will follow later. I am waiting for my new baby books from Amazon before I begin anything else for Charlie.

I have started a black Kilim cap from Vogue hats for an Internet buddy in London. He has chatted to me for many years and I feel like he is a very good friend even though we have never met. We have chatted on the phone and been there for each other in times of need. It's a kind of mother/son relationship although he has a mother of his own. He was really good to me this week and gifted me a year's Pro Flickr so now I can upload a lot more photos onto my Ravelry including my stash of sock wool as I have unlimited photo access at the moment.Thanks B it was a very lovely gesture.

Today I started off in the garden and had such high hopes of getting a gradual tan and then the thunderstorms started. It went very dull but we didn't actually get any rain. I had intended to go to the local park today as they had Morris dancers, brass bands, Falconry displays and a lot of other items but my back didn't want to take me there as I had walked Buster twice today. I feel so guilty that he misses out on his second walk most days lately. My neighbours said it was good and there were lots of people there. It's an annual event so maybe next year I will make it.

I have been stash diving and remembered that I had bought some Sirdar Indigo Denim cotton from The Black Sheep sale and never used it. I discovered it shrinks anything from 1"-3" lengthwise and fades on it's first wash (60 degree first wash recommended) so that kind of put me off for a while. I have therefore decided to do another garment from Doris Chan book as they all start from the neck down and are fairly stretchy. As long as I make the raglan deep enough to allow for shrinkage the length should be no problem. If it does shrink too much I can always add a bit on the bottom even though the new cotton won't have shrunk and faded like the garment. I don't think sticking a spare ball in the washer with the garment is such a good idea. Spaghetti in the drum? I have not decided which design as yet. I only have 10 x 50 grams so that rules out a long sleeved design unless I chose the openwork cardigan. Decisions, decisions.


June said...

What a lovely sweetpea shawl and you seem to crochet so quick as well. I am really interested in what you crochet from the Doris Chan book, as all her designs are good, although the patterns are not easy to follow.

Mad about Craft said...

The shawl is lovely!

Crobbles said...

The shawl is so bonny. I haven't told Perran about it as I want it to be a surprise. I'm hoping to be able to collect it very soon.
You lent me a pattern for a crocheted shawl when we very first met. I was reading it yesterday and now feel confident enough to have a go. I have got the perfect colour in my stash, teal, but I think I'll do a test run with some lilac cotton I won, first.