Wednesday, 28 May 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck then I wouldn't have any luck at all!

I am so annoyed. I am speechless with annoyance. Which is quite a feat for me. I rang the hospital and finally got to speak to Mr Mohammad's secretary. When I asked about my place on the hospital list I was blithely told that I had been taken off the waiting list as per hospital policy (dictated to them by the government) when I was deemed to be unfit for surgery because of my water infection at my pre op testing.(Cured a week later by a course of anti biotics) Oh sorry did no one tell you? Did you not get a letter? Shall I send you one now? Sorry but there is nothing that I can do as I am just a secretary and the manager of the department is on holiday but the good news is that you got put back on the list on the 24th April. When I asked her what date does that give me for an operation then - sometime in August? She said she could not tell me said she would have to have a word with the manager when he comes back from holiday.

When I enquired why she hadn't answered my e mail or ansaphone message and was it not obvious from them that I had no idea I had been taken off the list she said Oh I didn't answer because I didn't have a date to tell you! What happened to politeness? I then explained that my MRI scan would be out of date by then as Mr Mohammad had told me last time that he could not operate with any results over 6 months old. She is now booking me my 7th scan! More waste of NHS money? I suppose I will need another pre op test as well as those results will be out of date as well. God help me if they find another infection at that one. This could go on and on ad nauseum. This is ridiculous. Is this how the hospital meets all it's targets?

I am going to complain. I don't like doing this as I think it makes the specialist see me as a trouble maker and to be avoided etc. I am going to contact the hospital for an explanation of why hospital policy was never explained to me. It might be well known to them but not to patients. I was fully expecting to go in hospital 18 weeks from my letter from February as that was the last communication I have had from them. Hope Hospital (or Salford Royal as it is now known)- you need a massive revamp on the way you treat your patients. My experiences over the last few years have been very unimpressive. What happened to the Patient Charter?

My crafting has taken a back seat today. I have managed to finish the edging of the pink variegated shawl but nothing else. I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything. I feel very depressed about everything. I had set my sights fixed on an end to this constant pain and now find I have to put up with it for another few months. It might be nothing to them but it is the world to me. Many tears have been shed today which no one at the hospital cares a jot about.


June said...

Oh Jan, I feel so sorry for you. That is a disgraceful way to treat a patient and that secretary is not doing her job properly. It makes me feel angry on your behalf. Try not to let it get you down, as you have such a good sense of humour usually and bring a lot of pleasure to people who read your blog. Your crocheted shawl is beautiful by the way and I am amazed at how quickly you managed to do it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how frustrating this all is to you! I am so sorry! I am sending a VERY dirty look across the ocean to the secretary, and a big hug to you!

ambermoggie said...

oh no Jan:( I was hoping you would be going in the next couple of weeks. Do complain you need to as it is a total scandal. Do you have a local MP you can contact still? How about the newspaper? Threaten to get the press involved it may push them
sending love and positive thoughts for you

Mad about Craft said...

I am so sorry!!!

Complain, complain, complain. It's about time the NHS rememebered why it is there and that is to look after patients. It's disgraceful. I can't believe what is happening at present!!!

Zuleika said...

Oh that pisses me off! Didn't email you because they had no date?! What the heck is wrong with being professional and caring in a hospital environment?! This would have been easier to handle had they just not gotten the email and apologized for the inconvenience. She just blantantly told you your email was ignored and doesn't even care! If they had no date before, will they really have a date when the doctor comes back, or is she just stalling? The healthcare system in your area sounds awful! I've had nothing but positive things to say about it over here.

You know what, I'm going to try and be positive for you, even though I want to slap that secretary and doctor for you. I'm sure things will get taken care of eventually, I just wish for your sake it was sooner rather than later. I'm so sorry this has happened, back pain is hard enough to deal with without this nonsense. I'm sending lots of hugs your way and prayers, you need them. :-)


Tonje said...

Your blog is a joy to read!! And that shawl is gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear about the bother with the hospital. Hope things get sorted soon.

Christy said...

That shawl is something else! I just love that stitch pattern and it seems to be incredibly popular these days!

Sorry to here about your hospital fiasco. I'm needing to go to the doctor myself, but don't have insurance at the moment... *sigh* Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

You know, the secretary and the doctor probably don't want to treat you like that - I bet they hate it in fact. The truth is, there is just not enough of anything in the NHS so people like your self keep getting pushed aside on the flimsiest of excuses because they get told by the powers that be to reduce lists etc. It is awful and so stressful for someone who is ill or in pain. It isn't fair at all and is really horrible. You have my sympathy. I hope you get the treatment you need soon and get well looked after.