Friday, 2 May 2008

Eye has a stye and I want to cry

I woke up this morning with a very sore eye. To be honest it has been a bit sore for a couple of days but I kept rinsing it in Optrex and hoping for the best. I rarely wear make up these days and I had put some on Monday as I was going to the Biobank. I woke up Tuesday morning like Alice Cooper on a rainy day. I had completely forgotten about the eye make up and had gone to bed without removing it. Big faux pas. I presume this eye is a consequence of this. My GP says I am probably run down and it's a stye.
I used to get styes (or poukes as my mother used to call them) regularly when I was a youngster and they didn't come from eye make up so maybe the whole make up thing is just a co-incidence. I am talking about the late 40's and 50's and young girls were not so precocious in those days.
I waited about 45 mins in the pharmacy and when the pharmacist came out she ran through the instructions for my ear drops. Ear drops? Hang on it's my eye! She disappeared again and re-appeared some time later with eye drops. Apparently it is all this progress and computerisation. The doctor types in the brand name and it brings up the drops which are the same name but different strengths for eyes and ears. It's a very easy mistake so I am told. I will forgive him as he did see me at very short notice and it is a bank holiday weekend as well. Luckily I have a very diligent pharmacist who insists on telling me exactly what to do with any new drugs and so the mistake was rectified immediately.
The doctor said he couldn't understand why I had not heard about my op since I have already had my pre op testing done but when I mentioned the CPAP machine and my need for high dependency or intensive care he said - Ah that's why. They will be trying to co-ordinate the two together and that is almost impossible to do as no-one can predict a space on those wards. Doesn't sound very reassuring does it?
I had started my niece Vicky's socks but as the pattern is a travelling spiral lace lattice I doubt if much will get done over the weekend with my dodgy eye. I am struggling with the pattern somewhat anyway. I don't know why but I have a moveable 1st stitch start. The pattern only has 4 rows but when I come to restart the first row again the beginning of my row as per 1st stitches on the needle is wrong for the pattern and yet I ended up right at the end of the 4th pattern row. I have unpicked it several times, counted stitches on every row until I am dizzy and cannot find out why I keep going wrong. I am now just going with the flow, keeping the lace pattern correct and moving my stitch marker back and forth to compensate for the wrong starts to the rows. I hope it all works out well when I get to the foot part and I have to keep a panel of lace at the foot front and stocking stitch under the foot! Argh. It could all go horribly wrong.
The photos are of the sock wool that Vicky brought for me on Sunday. She is the lady who finds me all the bargains. If anyone wants any specific details about any of them Vicky is the woman to tell you. I have the memory of a goldfish as you have probably guessed by now so would be of no use to you.
The first photo is of skeins from the Natural Dye Studio. Top one is Alpaca/silk mix. Middle is Nino Merino and the bottom is Mirage Marino/Tencel. The middle photo is Fyberspates 75% Marino/nylon and the last photo is Opal Neon on the left and Schoeller Fortissima Colori on the right. As you can imagine all of these added to my stash will mean that I have enough wool for lots of socks when I am recuperating.
My niece's best friend is supposed to be induced today so I am waiting to see if she gets a boy or a girl. She will text me when the baby is born. I think it is so lovely that they didn't want to know the sex of the baby before birth. It makes it far more exciting for all of us who are waiting to hear.
My diet went out of the window today as I had waited so long in the pharmacy that it was 6.30pm and I was really hungry and I had to pass the chip shop on my way home. The smell was wafting out onto the pavement saying come in you know that you don't want to stand with your painful back and cook when you get home. I gave in to temptation and the dog and I shared a lovely hot freshly cooked fish with a few chips. Bang goes the diet for another day!
I am off to put my drops in my eyes and take my antibiotics. Hopefully the eye will be less sore and more open tomorrow and I will stop winking at everyone . Maybe I should crochet a fetching eye patch? I could use the crochet hook with the light in the end that Zuleika kindly sent down from Scotland for me.

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Zuleika said...

Lovely yarn! They'll make really pretty socks. I hope your eye gets better soon. :-)

lol Make a pirate eye patch in something bright colored and really stand out from the crowd. :-)