Friday, 23 May 2008

What is mum doing?

Why is mum working on that pink thing? I keep giving her the eye and she still carries on working. Gosh this is making me tired watching her. I think I will just rest my eyes on this cushion. Yawn. I think I will just have a little sleep whilst I wait to bark at the postman! I can bare my teeth at him from this chair. Scares him to death! Let's see if he brings mum that letter she is waiting for. No? Well I guess I will just carry on sleeping then until mum puts that pink thing down and takes me for a walk. After that I will have another snooze whilst mum goes shopping and wait for the paper boy. Boy he really jumps when I bark at him! It's such fun. The first day he delivered our paper he almost fell off his bike. So funny. Mum says I am spoiling the back cushion of the chair but I keep telling her I have to lean my paws and head on something whilst I keep guard on the street. I can keep my head low from this vantage point so people don't see me until I jump up and bark. It's part of the game but she just dosen't understand and keeps tuttng at me and fluffing the cushion back into shape.

Yesterday I had the rat catcher man to bark at. He said next door had seen a rat. Hah. He looked in this garden but there was no sign of any rats. I could have told him that. Nothing is allowed in my garden but me. I chase everything else including Oscar the cat from next door who dares to sit on my fence and that dratted squirrel who runs on the shed. I will get him next time! Rats in my garden - as if! I chased off that fox didn't I - he hasn't been back since. Mum wants the PC now so farewell to my fans. It's time for another sleep.

No letter and no e mail so I guess that is it until Tuesday when everyone goes back to work. I have almost finished the pink thing ( another Sweet Pea shawl). I don't know what has been wrong with me this week. First I had a couple of days off because of my wrist and then every time I picked up my crochet it was a signal for me to fall asleep glasses on nose and hook in hand. My crafting has been virtually nil this week.

The wrist straps at night seem to be doing the trick. I have actually been having quite a few hours unbroken sleep which is good for me. No bad dreams either. I think the dream catcher that Ambermoggie sent to me and is now hanging from my ceiling fan is keeping the evil dreams at bay. I must find a better place for it as one of these days I will forget and turn on the fan and there will be a rapidly rotating dream catcher whirling around the bedroom.

I have been given an old lady 4 wheeled shopping trolley (courtesy of Ivy from Freecycle) and my son has picked it up for me. I haven't got it yet as it is still in my son's car. I could have done with it today as I was scared of hurting my wrist again when I dragged my shopping home in my 2 wheeled trolley. I had large tins of dog food and a big washing powder in it as well as my shopping so it really weighed heavy and took me ages to wheel it home from Tesco. I have never been so glad to see my street. My arms felt as though they were lugged out of my shoulders. Shopping day is the only day I really miss my car.


Crobbles said...

Buster we love ya!

If the heavy stuff can weight a couple of days, give me a shout and I'll pick it up on the way over. Or as you're running low, let me know.

Pink thing is looking pretty... so sorry it's sending you to sleep.

Lots to tell you about. Will be blogging tomorrow hopefully and of course bringing the limo round on Sunday!

Mad about Craft said...

That dog lives the life of Reily!!!

Sorry there's no letter or e-mail, hopefully next week!!

knitting dragonfly said...

I agree with the pup. Of course he needs a decent pillow. He is working ever so hard to keep an eye on you.

Zuleika said...

I have an old lady shopping trolley and am darned proud of it! lol