Friday, 9 May 2008

Hooray - finished at last!

Hip hip hooray. I have finished the toe socks for my niece Vicky. Buster has accidentally torn the pattern. As he has never destroyed anything before I think he picked up on my thought waves. I had already decided I would never knit this particular pair again. I know that I have strange shaped toes, as you can see by the photos, and so don't do justice to the socks but I feel sure that the start of the toes should be staggered and not done on the same row as toes start at different heights - well at least mine do. The wool is Opal Magic 1063 and I deliberately chose not to try to match the socks colourwise. If they had not been an exact match it would have driven me nuts and my niece likes things a little whacky so I decided to knit them whichever way the ball took me.

My niece is going up to Clark's crafts on Sunday so I will wait and see if she gets me any boy patterns. I had some vouchers for Amazon so have ordered 2 baby books. I will put them on here when I get them - possibly Monday as I am a tight monkey and always choose the free delivery offer. I think by the cover photos that the designs are for slightly larger babies than Charlie but they will be useful for Autumn and Winter.

I didn't finish my socks until today as I decided to mow the grass yesterday. Not surprisingly my back didn't like heaving the mower up and down 3 steps to the grass and I finished up laid flat on the sofa for most of last evening. As I haven't yet managed to perfect sock knitting on the recline I inevitably dozed off whilst watching TV. I get so frustrated when I look out at the garden and see how overgrown it is getting but it is no use worrying about it. I will sort it out next year hopefully. I try to keep the grass short as it helps when I have to pick up after Buster.

Tonight I am going to finish off the crochet jacket that I have started for Charlie. It looks a wee bit small but then I am out of touch with new babies so it will probably be fine.


Crobbles said...

I know they have been a bane to knit, but the socks do look great. I used to wear toesy socks when I did a lot of riding. They were great for keeping your feet warn on a chilly day. I don't think I'll be knitting myself any though.

Zuleika said...

They look great! I bet you're glad it's all over. :-) Be careful with that mowing, even though I understand why you have to do it. ewww