Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Duck billed sockypuss

I managed to finish one sock. Well I think it's a sock. I can't try it on as it's the right foot and I have a strange toe on my right foot. To me it looks like half a twisted sock with a bunch of fat small bananas hanging off the end! I do hope that it fits my niece and that I have the willpower to make the second sock. If these had been for me (never in a million years!) I would have rippppped ages ago but a promise is a promise and so I will persevere. I think it's important to keep a promise, I hate it when people break them to me. If I don't keep a promise it's usually because I have forgotten that I have made it (sign of old age) and not because I have ducked out of it. If I get reminded of said promise then I carry it out as soon as I get reminded.
The stye on my eye is much better, hardly swollen at all but these last 2 days I have got hay fever and now both eyes and my nose are streaming. Not a pretty sight. I only suffer from hay fever for short periods usually at the start of Summer so let's hope that this is a sign that the Summer is here at last. My poor son has horrendous hay fever and suffers the whole Summer, He disappears behind sunglasses and has a hankie permanently attached to his hand. He used to drive for a living and this made it hard as a lot of medication cannot be taken by a driver. He has changed jobs so hopefully this year he can use stronger medication.
I started to crochet a small jacket for Charlie. I found a pattern with a relief treble stitch jacket style with a collar so hopefully it will look suitably boyish. I made myself put it down as I was getting far too happy crocheting last night when I knew I had a sock to finish. I will sock knit for a while tonight with the dangling carrot of treating myself to a bit of Charlie crocheting later.
The house is in need of a good tidy but the sun is shining so I think it's time to say blow the house I am off to my lounger in the garden for an hour or so. The dog is already out there sunbathing on the grass. He is a sun worshipper like most animals and always finds the sunniest spot to recline in. My late cat was the same wherever the sun streamed in you would find Ollie stretched out no matter how bizarre the place.


June said...

What a great name for a sock, it really made me smile. I can see why you found it difficult, with all those individual toes. What a lovely afternoon, hope you enjoy your garden.

Zuleika said...

That sock must be hard to knit! Good luck with the next one. I've always loved toe socks, but find them strange to wear. :-)
Good, it was sunny for you as well. :-)