Thursday, 8 May 2008

Charlie is our darling

Introducing Charlie. Born Sunday 11th May 2008 at 9.30am weighing 7lbs 11 ozs.This photo was taken with Daddy Keiran in the first few minutes of his life whilst Mummy Louise was still in theatre. He had a bit of a traumatic start to his little life with an emergency C section as his heart rate started causing concern and Mummy was still a long way from delivering him but all is well now and he is home with his parents. Louise is like another niece to me as she was housemate and is the best friend of my niece Vicky for many years before my niece got married. As we didn't know his sex before his birth ( more exciting don't you think?) I can now knit blue and boy things. My niece has specific instructions to buy me some boy patterns as although I have hundreds of patterns for some reason they are very girl orientated.

I managed to do some more knitting on the second sock whilst I was in the garden yesterday soaking up some rays. I am now half way up the foot. I did a bit of my own jiggery pokery with the wraps on the second heel and so it doesn't look a carbon copy of the first heel but it is a lot neater. I hope to get up to the fat bananas (sorry toes) tonight and maybe finish them off. Hooray. Buster tore the pattern accidentally so he must have known that I will never knit another pair! Maybe a photo of them will be on the blog tomorrow.

Buster is getting anxious to go for his walk. I went to water aerobics this morning and so he didn't get out then. Hopefully there will still be a bit of sunshine left in the garden when I get back as it's much easier knitting the ladder spiral lace pattern of the sock in strong daylight. I love this weather. Salad for dinner. This is the life. Let's hope that it doesn't change back to rain soon.


June said...

What a lovely litle baby. I agree that it is better not to know the sex of the baby before it is born and then it can be a lovely surprise, like it used to be.

Zuleika said...

Awwww! Welcome to the world Charlie!