Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The last post sounds right

The last post didn't turn out as it should but the essence was there so I left it as it was. I took a quiz that I found on a blog that I read
She turned out to be merino wool and I turn out to be Dishcloth cotton. Ah well I always knew that I was homely!

I have started the second sock. Nobbut just as they say in Lancashire. That means I have done about 16 rows for the non Lancy folks. Maybe I will take it into the garden if it turns out to be as nice a day as yesterday. I did a bit of crochet in the garden yesterday but it's difficult when I get hot and sticky hands. I shouldn't complain as it's so nice to see the sun for a change. The garden desperately needs a few days spending on it but I have neither the enthusiasm or the back for it so I will just close my eyes and pretend it is wonderful. With my eyes shut I could be anywhere but then I couldn't knit or crochet so I can't win.

My vegetables in pots that I planted last year and then ignored are all overblown and need emptying out. I have asked a few neighbours if they have a compost bin as it seems a shame to just tip them into the dustbin but so far I don't seem to have any green people close by. I don't have any suitable receptacle to make one so the plants just stay there growing so high and blowing in the wind. I will move them one day. meanwhile they are not helping my hay fever any.

No photos today as not much to show. I am off into the jungle (sorry garden) now.

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Crobbles said...

Hey, I'm dish cloth cotton too!
On the other hand when I did the 'What kind of knitter are you?' quiz, I turned out to be a Knitting Goddess!
I'm happy with that!