Saturday, 17 May 2008

Learning to love Doris Chan

This is my second garment from Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet book and whilst I am still struggling to make them exactly as she has written them I am now understanding the method that she uses. This jacket is some of Doris and some of me. Either way I am very happy with the way it has turned out. I have no idea how much wool it took as I was using up a 500 gram ball of acrylic which had already been used for a project so maybe around 350 grams? I actually ran out for the ties so they are in Chenille (the nearest match in the black oddments that I had) but it's not noticeable to my eye. As my mother used to say " A man on a galloping horse won't notice!"

I made the sleeves longer than the pattern and mine has turned out less of a bed jacket and more of a wearable cardigan. For some reason the two things that I have made do not look as chunky as the book photographs but yet are similar in size when finished. Perhaps a tad smaller but I did make a larger size to compensate. I think US yarns are thicker than the UK Double Knit that I have used.

I have started another pattern from the book using the purple wool that I got from the charity shop last week. That yarn is unlabelled and appears to be a very thick double knit so will probably work out more to Doris's sizing. This time I am making Jewel which is a long sleeved jumper. I will post some photos when I get further along. At the moment I have only started the commencing chain for the neck.

I have posted the hats to B but have not yet got a text to say he has received them. Photos will follow once I get that text.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Eadaoin. She wanted to learn how to crochet. She arrived with a lovely rose bush for me and a Thorntons Toffee cake covered in chocolate with fudge pieces on the top. A real treat for me (although I did share it I am not a total pig!) I didn't know Thortons made cakes. A real yummy treat for sure. Eadaoin was a very apt student and not only got the hang of chain, double crochet and treble but also managed to keep her sides straight on the second attempt which I am well impressed with. I will not cease until I have taught the world to crochet. I am infiltrating one person at a time!

My friend Caroline has been ill all week and texted me to say the GP thought that she had Scarlet Fever. I had that but as I was only 3 at the time I can't remember what it was like. I hope that she enjoyed the fever as she is normally a very cold person who insists that I crank up my heating to greenhouse levels and wears one of my housecoats when she visits. She may come around tomorrow if she feels better as my blonde hair is rapidly turning brunette ( or salt and pepper?) and is desperately in need of a touch up.


Zuleika said...

A man on a galloping horse won't notice!? lol That is funny! But true. :-)
It looks great on you, the modelled photos allow you to see the stitch pattern better.

I love thorntons!! Their mint ice cream and honeycomb (or something) ice cream is the best! Can't beat their chocolate either! I try to avoid them, because they make me fat. :-(

ambermoggie said...

lovely Jan and well done for conquering the DC book:)

knitting dragonfly said...

I have never crocheted a sweater before I like this one very much.

June said...

The cardigan is lovely. I really admire you for conquering a DC pattern, not once, but twice. I have tried to make the jewel sweater and cannot get to grips with the pattern and have had to unravel after about three rows. Now that I have seen yours, I will have another try, as I really would like to be able to make something from her book.