Saturday, 3 May 2008

Eye, eye you should see the other guy!

Not sure if this is a style as the swelling has gone underneath the eye this morning although there is a definite peak in the corner of my eye. I shall keep taking the antibiotics and the eye drops and wait and see.
Not much knitting done last night for obvious reasons. I forced my eye open for this photo. It's more comfortable to close it. I think I will take up Zuleika's suggestion of a brightly coloured crochet eye patch when I go up to Tesco to put my Lottery on as I don't want to scare the natives!
I will try it out on the dog walkers first.
Eye Eye (Aye Aye) for now.


Mattenylou said...

Stye Eye! Is it catchy from the computer? I just got one this week, too! I thought at first it was an itchy eye from Spring "springing" forth in all it's glory here in Masachusetts .... Mine's really itchy, but the drops seem to be helping. Maybe we both caught it from staring at Ravelry too long.. hahaha

Mad about Craft said...

Oh! that looks sore!!!!