Thursday, 15 May 2008

Oh what a tangle to unravel

My crochet progress came to an abrupt halt last night when my large ball of wool collapsed inwards on itself ( I always work from the centre)and went into a superb tangle that my late cat would have been proud of. I spent most of the evening threading the yarn in and out of loops and undoing knots. By the time I had re-balled it I had gone off the whole idea of crocheting. That is the only problem with buying yarn in 500 gram balls.

This morning I was at water aerobics and this afternoon I am walking the dog. I had better run the hoover around and do a bit of dusting tonight before I disappear in a cloud of dog hair. I doubt the cardigan will get finished tonight. Tomorrow is another day!

These are some photos of the baby books. The first two are from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies by Patricia Wagner. The second photo is called Irish Leprechaun which would be appropriate for a bigger Charlie as his father is Irish. The last two photos are from Boho Baby Knits by Cat Doyle which has very few practical wearable garments. There are some cute ones and very unusual ones as you can see from the last photo which is called Poet Coat. It also has some very strange bonnets with animal faces on the back as well as the knitted fairy wings that I mentioned yesterday. Perhaps patterns for children of more avante garde mothers, Not patterns that I can imagine my great grand babies or Charlie ever wearing although my daughter in law might like the unusual bonnets for the girls.

I have parcelled up the crochet beanie hats and may get to the post office today or tomorrow to post them off to B in London. I hope that he likes them.


Mad about Craft said...

The patterns look really nice, hope you enjoy doing them.

Zuleika said...

Some of those patterns are adorable! I hate tangled yarn! I tend to pull the yarn from the outside for large balls, because I always get giant tangles lumps. :-)