Saturday, 30 April 2011

Latest Crochet Today Magazine

The latest copy of Crochet Today arrived yesterday which was a suprise as I didn't expect any post as it was the Royal Wedding Day. This issue doesn't have much in it that appeals to me but that is the chance that I take when I subscribe to magazines.

Nothing much on this page interests me.

Nor on this page

I have seen designs like these many times before so nothing on this page interests me either.

The little amigurumi figures are quite cute but as I don't like crocheting dolls they are also not going to be on my list of projects still to make.

I do like this cardigan but it is only an advert in the magazine. Fortunately it is a free pattern from the Red Heart website so at least I can find the pattern there.

This Spring like waistcoat is also not in the magazine  but it is another free pattern from Red Heart. Thank goodness for the free pattern adverts in this magazine otherwise I would not have found anything in it that I wanted to crochet.

The sun is trying to shine today but it is really windy. I will be staying home and    doing some knitting. As it is a Bank Holiday weekend  here in the UK my steam mop will probably not arrive until Tuesday at the earliest so that gives me a good excuse not to mop the kitchen floor until then. Not that I need an excuse. Housework is something that I do when I have to. I am definitely not a neat and tidy freak. I like to have my things around me and not put away in cupboards. People have to take me as they find me these days. At one time it would worry me what people thought of my housekeeping so I would be always cleaning. Now I have realised that life is too short to fret about the small stuff like a bit of dust.

Coffee time and back to the knitting. I am really into this big super chunky knitting. Hopefully I will have my jacket finished over the weekend just in time for my next scooter ride.


Crochet dude said...

yeah i can not wait to get mine another few weeks I just wish they did more male stuff but still love it anyway

boltoncrafter said...

Thanks for The 'Rippling Vest'. Looks wonderful. Will go and find the pattern now.

marg41 said...

Jan, I have a friend who is not a neat freak either, her comment is 'I would rather have dust on my furniture than dusk on my coffin lid'