Monday, 25 April 2011

More Crochet Flowers

I am continuing making crochet flowers for the Islington Mill festival. Some patterns come from Ravelry and some come from my doodles. Hence the fact that some look far prettier than others.

The tiny sun hat was one of my designs. I started off with a circle and then diverted into a thimble and then a sun hat. I thought that it would make a change from flower brooches.

These are some more flowers. We are not meeting up tonight as it is Easter so we have decided to have our Kings Arms knit club tomorrow instead. We need to get the brooch backs or safety pins stitched onto the flowers ready for them to be pinned to lamposts on Saturday. I won't be helping with that bit as the old knees are not up to walking from post to post.

The weather is very changeable today. This morning was a bit dull then it went very sunny. I have a clothes line full of bed linen outside and now it has gone dull again. I think everything is almost dry so I will bring it in before the rain comes.

Neo the Akita from across the road managed to push the gate open from their back garden and was sitting on the front step. My neighbours had gone out so I had to ring their mobile to let them know that the dog was loose. I sat on their steps for a while and eventually Neo decided to walk back into the back garden so I closed the gate with a stone as I could not reach over the gate to fasten the bolt. The bolt on the inside of the gate mustn't have been fastened properly and when he pushed the gate, it opened. Fortunately I saw him before he wandered off. Neo and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship so I don't like to get too close to him. He is great with everyone else, even with their baby. I just think that it is a personality clash between he and I. Fortunately my neighbours were shopping locally and came back in a very short time.

I was going to sit in the garden and do some crochet but as the sun has gone in now I think that I will stay indoors and see if there is anything good on the TV to watch whilst I crochet some more flowers.


Anonymous said...

Little things like flowers are so gratifying because they come together so quickly. They are cute, Jan and I think they will be so pretty pinned all over.

June said...

Pretty flowers and a pretty Easter bonnet.