Friday, 8 April 2011

Clutter v Memories

As I have been cleaning today and so not doing any knitting or crochet I thought that I would share a few of my treasured possessions with you. My friend, my son and daughter in law would call it all clutter and throw it all away. To me every piece holds memories and I love every one of them. The decanter and tall wine glasses came to me after my Mum died. They were gifts from the family for my Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding. They are crystal and silver and a chore to keep clean and shiny but everytime I polish them I think about the happy memories of my parents. My parents kept them in their boxes as they were 'too nice' to have on display. I still have the boxes but as they were bought to be shown I have them on display. The smaller hand engraved crystal sherry glasses in front are reminders of my wedding day as they were given to me by a good friend who is sadly no longer with us. The same applies to the engraved crystal dessert glasses. I have told my niece to make sure that she gets them when anything happens to me as I would hate to see them vanish out of the family. My son would not want anything like this although he does still have the collection of crystal animals and the display cabinet that he bought for his Grandma over the years.

I love the teddies despite the fact that my ex husband gave then to me as a Christmas present about 10 yrs ago. We may have had our differences in the past but it shows that at least he knows my taste in some things. They look like fabric teddies but are made in pottery by Regency Fine Arts. I believe that they do a whole range of bears. These are Biggles Bear and Errands.

The photo of my parents and it's frame are special as it was the last time my parents were photographed on holiday together before my Dad became terminally ill. My Dad had bought the frame for my Mum for the last wedding anniversary that he remembered to buy anything for. It was in his room throughout his stay in the nursing home until the day he died. The black and white dogs used to reside in my Grandmother's hearth. My Dad got them from somewhere. They were used in a shop window display for Black and White whisky more than 50 yrs ago. The black otter came as a gift to me from my Mum and Dad when they visited Canada and the Leopard came from my ex husband when he went to South Africa.

The amaryllis continues to cheer me up every morning as they are on my kitchen window sill. I don't know if you can see but it now has four blooms open.

I am busy today trying to de hair the lounge. It takes me such a long time to do things these days. A job that I would have zipped through in minutes in the past now takes me ages. A sign of the times and old age I suppose. It's a case of do a bit of cleaning for five minutes and then sit down for five minutes. I had to clean the glassware and the ornaments whilst sitting down. It's things like this that depress me more than the pain. My mind wants to do things but my body lets me down. Life is a bummer sometimes. At least the lounge will be Buster hair free by this evening. I try not to get upset when I can't do as much as I would like but it does get me down when the house is not as I would like it.

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I would love to be sitting outside in the sunshine finishing off the crochet spiral waistcoat but I have so much work to do before I can relax. The bedding is blowing outside on the line and I hope to re make the bed before tonight otherwise I will be sleeping on the recliner tonight! I try to aim for one room at a time so the bedroom and bathroom may be on tomorrow's agenda.

I forgot to mention that the baby hat and booties book I previewed the other day on my blog is all knitted. Although crochet is my first love I don't mind so much making baby things in knitting. I just baulk a bit at knitting adult things as it makes my arms ache.

Coffee break is over now so back to the hoover. I just hope that I don't nod off in the chair tonight as I did last night. I missed all the TV programmes that I had planned to watch and didn't pick up my crochet at all. I did get a full night's sleep hence the bit of energy for cleaning today.


crazymotheringchick said...

What lovely things you have. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Enid said...

the crystals are lovely, Jan. Have you told Ian they are to go to his cousin? don't wear yourself out with the cleaning. :))

Cat said...

I know how you feel - the spirit is willing but the body is on strike. Getting old is the pits in many ways, BUT on the bright side we do know how to enjoy and appreciate life more.

I love your collections. My hubby dislikes mine so much I have taken to packing them up and will be sending them off to those who would have inherited them anyway. Just a few special things to help prolong the memories.

How luck you are to have so many wonderful and warm memories of your parents. What a true blessing they are!

marg41 said...

Dear Jan,
I know how much you love Buster, and he is cute let's face it! I know what you mean about the dog hair though, we have a dog and a cat, and at the moment they are both moulting! We have little rolls of fur under the dinning table, coffee table, in the kitchen, you name a place and there is hair. I have just finished a prayer shawl that was knitted in mohair.......! So I can feel for you. I loved the photos of your treasures, they are beautiful.
Your amaryllis is stunning, that must be a good spot for it.Jan, do not stress about how long it takes you to clean, a little at a time, and before you know it you will be back with hook and needles, doing the things you love to do, and with a nice clean house. Take care, best wishes from DownUnder.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing some of your treasures with your readers. I have never tasted sherry before, but will have to try some on my next birthday. The amaryllis is lovely, too. Glad you are able to enjoy some sunshine. Prayers for renewed health are going up for you today.