Sunday, 10 April 2011

Crochet 70's Style

As you know I am a vintage pattern woman at heart and I am still somewhat of a hippie by nature even if I don't always have the courage to dress like one any more. I have got a lot more conventional as I have got older but now maybe it is time to revert back before I leave it too late. I had this pattern in the 70's but lost it (or it was borrowed!). I saw the design first of all on the Liver Birds TV series that ran for years about two Liverpool girls who shared a flat. Beryl had quite colourful fashion ideas and she used to wear a waistcoat like this but in very bright colours on the show. I have never managed to find a copy of this pattern and asked on Ravelry to see if anyone could help me out. True to form I got help. Maureen (Mehalah on Ravelry) saw it advertised on e bay and bid for it for me. I can't tell you how much pleasure that I got from one pattern. I chose slightly more subdued colours that are more in my colour range than the ones on the pattern. I have many purple and pink sweaters in my wardrobe that I can wear this over. I think that I should have made a colour change with the back as nothing says look at my bum more than putting a huge pink bulls eye on it. I had better not go into Sherwood forest in case there are any archers still in there or pass any rifle ranges in case someone mistakes me for the target! I think that the frog type fastening and the colour illusion is quite slimming from the front as it makes me look like I have a waist.

The back view looks a bit wonky on the circle bit as I didn't check the fit in a mirror before I took the photo. It's very hard to take one's own photo especially with a camera that was given to me without instructions. I know that it has a delay timer on it somewhere but I haven't managed to find it yet. I have to press the shutter and hobble as fast as I can to where I should be. I take loads of blurred off centre photos believe me. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

I hung the waistcoat on the line so that you could see the full length of it but it does look a bit long and droopy on a hanger.

I had hoped that the pink bulls eye centre would show up better hanging on the line but unfortunately because it has gone longer it doesn't show as much. Now this waistcoat is finished and out of the way I must return to my knitting that I left when Buster came to visit. First though I must crochet a few flowers to decorate some lamp posts around the Islington Mill. It is part of a project that the knitting club that I belong to is taking part in.

Today is a lovely sunny day once again so the housework has got side lined. Tomorrow may rain and then I can hoover lol. On days like this I do the bare minimum of housework. Perhaps I should be a hippie and live in a caravan or a tent. But then, on the other hand, I think at my age I would be more concerned about a comfy bed and being warm enough plus it wouldn't be much of a roving life without a car to get about with. I think that I will just be a sort of hippie and still live in my house.


Sharon Marie said...

That's a very nice vest and you did a beautiful job crocheting it. It does look rather "hippie-ish" but I think if it was done in a solid color it would look more "sedate" and perfect to wear to the office.

KnitNurd said...

Look at those curves on you!!!! Sometimes you are way too harsh on yourself Jan...this looks amazing on it!!!!
I may have to see if I can find something similar and make myself one sometime in the future. I think it just looks like pure fun!!!
You did beautiful work...enjoy!!!

June said...

I really like your hippy vest, it looks so good on you and definitely looks like you have a waistline. The colours are my favourites too. In fact, I just looooove it.

Enid said...

it is absolutely will be star of any 'do' youwear it for. a lot better doing this than cleaning :))

marg41 said...

Love it, Love it, Love it. The colours are just you, the vest looks good on you too. So glad your weather is warming up, here in Central Queensland it is the start of our 'Autumn' That means that the hot weather is almost over, and the nights and early morning will be cool. I love this time of year!
Hey Jan, if you lived in a caravan (with a car of course) where would you store your stash?!!!!!!

Karen Harrison said...

I love this pattern.. Can you please tell me the name of it? I have been looking for something like this for a while but haven't had much luck. Thank you. Looks fantastic.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

There are lots of crochet patterns on Ravelry that are very similar to the pattern that I used. I sometimes do see the pattern for sale on EBay but the nearest one that I found on Etsy is this one
I would recommend a search on Ravelry for Circular crochet waistcoats as there are so many gorgeous patterns free or for sale that are so pretty