Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All New Today

Yesterday afternoon my parcel arrived from Purplelinda which I had ordered last week. I have been slightly spoiled with the fast deliveries that I get from Kemps that I feel like I wait a long time for orders from other people. The grey James C Brett Marble chunky is for a knitted capelet for my daughter in law which I will show you once I start it. The multi colour is a new shade from James C Brett that I fell in love with so that will be for something for me later in the year.

THe pattern book is a new one from King Cole. I got that from Purplelinda and it doesn't appear to have a pattern number. Purplelinda describes it as the third booklet but I can't recall seeing booklets 1 and 2. I love most of the designs in the book. I am just showing the photos for your perusal. I don't think that there is any need for descriptions.

I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club last night and crocheted this frog head to be included in the project that the club is involved in. My embroidery leaves a lot to be desired as I find it so hard to grip a sewing needle these days so please excuse the wonky eyes. If I make any more then I will try to get some of those wobbly eyes to fasten on.

One of the members, Laura, gave us a demonstration on how to make woven leaves by darning with wool over a paper shape and then after it is all finished ripping the paper from behind it. Once again my effort isn't as neat as the others were. I will try to make another one when my fingers are behaving themselves a bit better and I have more control over my darning needle. It was nice to learn another craft other than knitting and crochet. Rachael made a lovely glittery one and I will post the link to her blog (Art Yarn) when she puts photos on it.

Today I have been doing a bit more on my sister in law's cardigan. I now have a sleeve and a half knitted. I decided to start with the sleeves first for a change. I haven't managed to get back to my niece's chunky jacket as yet so am feeling very guilty about that. I would love to start one of my new patterns but I am exercising restraint even though I am longing to crochet once again. I am using RYC Natural silk aran and spending lots of time picking bits of twig out of it as they are making the garment prickly.

I have just looked at the preview and Blogger has put my photos all out of order so I do hope that you can make sense of this blog today. I will have to watch that next time I post.

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Becks said...

The short sleeved cardigan on the right in the first photo is also featured in the free supplement to this months Let's Knit magazine. I am cautiously thinking about having a go at it although I am not sure if my crochet skills are that advanced yet. Would you say it was an ok pattern for a relative novice, with a basic understanding of crochet stitches?
And I like the new yarns. I have used Marble chunky a few times and it is really soft to touch. I have blogged recently about some of the things I made with it, I think a jumper for little girlie and a bag for big girlie. Oh and I think a bag too for a different big girlie a year or two ago. Yep, I like that yarn ;-)