Thursday, 28 April 2011

I Think That I Own A Small Part of Kemps

I am definitely a Kemps groupie. One of their biggest fans. Since I discovered this site a large portion of my pension goes to Kemps. I simply cannot resist their bargains. I will have to get some therapy soon or I will be living the rest of my life eating baked potatoes with beans! I could not let the bargain of Sirdar Crofter Chunky pass me by at the price of £1.39p a 50 gram ball. I have often admired the Crofter in the DK but the price is really out of my reach, especially if I am giving the finished jackets away. I am looking forward to making myself couple of jackets with this wool. When the sun is shining I feel a bit silly bundled up in a fleece jacket but I do feel the cold on my scooter unless it is really hot. Chunky jackets will bridge that gap between winter fleeces and hopefully some sunny weather and being able to wear some nice summer tops.

This is the Sirdar Ultra in the red and black fleck and the Chilli colour of Big Softee. Both of these are super chunky and will be so fast to knit up. I could not wait to start myself a really chunky jacket to wear out and about now so last night I cast on the Sirdar Ultra. I must return though to my niece's purple chunky as I still have one front and the front bands to knit. It's naughty of me to start something else when I have things on needles but the urge to knit something plain overtook me last night.

Today the gardener came to trim the lawn and weed the flower beds. The lawnmower has to go through the garage, through my kitchen and out the back door so I will be glad when my steam mop arrives and I can attempt to keep the kitchen floor clean. I find that I cannot lift the mop bucket down from the sink with water in it, nor can I empty it later without my back starting to really hurt. The steam mop is supposed to be very light to use. Feedback that I read about the mop complains that it doesn't hold enough water in one fill to clean a kitchen but for me that is not a bad thing as it will not be as heavy to push as one that carries a lot of water. Feedback doesn't criticize the way that it works and as I only have a small kitchen it won't worry me if I have to refill it to finish the job. The delivery will probably be delayed because of the Bank Holiday and tomorrow's National Holiday for Prince William's wedding day. It could be Wednesday before it arrives even though I have had a confirmation e mail that it has already been sent.

I ordered a mop from another company last week but got an e mail yesterday saying they didn't have any in stock and so had refunded my money. As they didn't know when more stock would arrive I tried a different company. This one is more expensive than the first mop but Hey Ho - it's only money and I can't search around the shops to maybe find a cheaper one. Most of my shopping is done online these days.

I will be watching TV tomorrow morning. Not because I am particularly a Royalist but I do love State occasions and being a woman I am waiting to see what Kate's wedding dress will look like. Most women like a good wedding. I will be there in my armchair knitting away on my stocking stitch jacket so that I don't have to look down too often. I won't be wearing a big hat or waving a flag though.


StitchMeLane said...

i love love love kemps

Mad about Craft said...

Enjoy your knitting and viewing!

I had a steam mop that has just broken. I thought it was great and I will be ordering another one when I can afford it. I found the water chamber on the one I had would be enough to do my 19 x 10 kitchen and my 11 foot conservatory.

marg41 said...

Happy knitting Jan. I am a Royalist, yesterday friends of mine came for morning tea (we are a small craft group) I am the only pom, so I decided that we should celebrate the Royal Wedding, which we did with small sandwiches, fruit and cheese platter and fairy cakes! Went down a treat. I am in the middle of knitting a shawl so will be glued to the T.V. knitting and watching the event. The T.V. coverage here has been fantastic, shame we could not send you some fine weather, fingers crossed the rain stays away. We have a long weekend here too, May Day Holiday.