Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Knit In

Today, like millions of people, I have been watching the Royal Wedding on TV. I had a little mini Knit In (not a Knit Out as I would not have been able to see the TV outdoors) One reason why I wanted something very easy to knit is that I knew that I would be glued to the TV and so not able to concentrate on the cable stitch pattern that I am supposed to be knitting. The wedding was fabulous. I love all the ceremonial horse driven coaches, ceremonial uniforms, the horseguards, the marching bands, the ornate fashions (especially the hats) and of course the secrecy over the bride's dress finally revealed. On a day like today I am proud to be British as I don't think that anyone can do large events, containing so much history, as we Brits can. We can certainly put on a classy show. It must have been nice to be there in reality if only for the atmosphere and the party atmosphere.

I looked amongst the crowds but I didn't catch a glimpse of my niece and her husband but that would have been like trying to spot a needle in a haystack. My street unfortunately doesn't do street parties. We have lots of young couple who perhaps don't see why a Royal Wedding is so important from a historical and tourist point of view. Also my street slopes at a rather alarming angle so it would be a bit tricky to put a table up the middle of the street as all of the sandwiches would finish up sliding down to one end of the table! I have lived here almost 43yrs and never known a communal party for any event.

This is the pattern that I am using for my jacket in Sirdar Denim Ultra that I got from Kemps Sale the other day. The pattern is knitted on 10 mm needles but as I knit a bit loosely I am making mine on 8mm needles as I couldn't find any 9mm needles in my stash. It is turning out a nice firm fabric and I am sure that the yarn will 'give ' in wear and certainly when washed so even if it is a bit tight to begin with then it will soon ease as I block it or wear it. I have changed the pattern slightly and am going to put 6 buttons on it and I have lowered the garter stitch row more towards the waist than under the bust. As I have an ample bosom I find that things with high empire line fastenings make the jacket hit my bust and flare outwards making them look a bit like a pregnancy shape rather than a flattering fitted waistline shape.

I should go back to my niece's knitting but I am really into knitting plain on these big needles so I guess that I will be knitting this until it is finished which won't be long at this rate.

The weather is sunny, despite the prediction of showers, so Prince William and Kate were able to use the open carriage giving the waiting thousands a good view on them on their way back to Buckingham Palace. I wish that I was sampling their wedding meal. I bet that they are not having cheese and onion patties as I will be having later. I should have bought something a little more fancy in honour of the wedding. Perhaps with a glass of wine to wash it all down with. Instead it will be a glass of orange and my patties. Perhaps if I use a nice fancy glass, polish the cutlery and find a serviette it will feel more festive.

Although the wedding is long over the TV is carrying on covering street parties etc so it's back to the plain kintting until everything is over for the day. I do hope that if you were watching the Royal Wedding that you enjoyed the day.


Debbi said...

Beautiful sweater jacket! And beautiful wedding! I began watching at 5:30 a.m. just about the time (here in the Eastern US) that Kate's mother entered the cathedral. Once i arrived at work, I finished up watching via the internet till the famous balcony kissing was presented! I loved the hats, too! Some were impossibly outrageous! How on earth do these ladies not knock them off getting in and out of their limos? A totally perfect ceremony, but hard to believe that it was decades ago that I sat engrossed, watching the wedding of Charles and Diana. Get out the china and silver and enjoy your meal!

Mad about Craft said...

Glad you enjoyed your day!

I agree with you, nobody does pomp and cermony like us Brits.

Becks said...

Lovely ceremony and we enjoyed it, especially my two boys (5 and 4 year olds). A real life fairytale for them. I have to say that I saved my knitting for the second viewing in the evening as the morning viewing was spent explaining to the boys who everyone was, and why the costumes, horses, etc.
A day to remember though.