Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

I hope that you are having a good Easter Sunday. I used to try to go to church on Easter Sunday but I have to admit that I haven't been in quite a while. The church bells aren't ringing yet so it must be a later service today. From my patio doors I have the view of one of the oldest churches locally and I usually get serenaded by the church bells for services, weddings and even a tolling bell for a funeral. Sometimes in the past we have had some very discordant chimes but the set of bell ringers they have now seem to have got it right apart from the odd wrong note. When they got it note perfect my son used to say "They are playing a recording again today Mum." He insisted that they had a tannoy hidden somewhere in the belfry that they switched on some days.

No Easter Eggs at this end as I do try not to eat too much chocolate and I don't buy them for my Great Grand Daughters as they don't eat that much chocolate either. I used to discourage people from buying my son Easter Eggs when he was small as he wasn't a lover of chocolate and they used to hang around the house for weeks until eventually I ate them which didn't do my figure any good!

The flowers are some that I have crocheted for the Islington Mill festival in Salford next weekend.

This is a closer look at 3 of the flowers. I find a lot of the patterns on Ravelry but I can't tell you which ones they are as I tend to crochet one and then remember the pattern so I don't often print them out. This year it is intended to put pins or brooch backs on the flowers with a label on the posts saying 'Pick Me' Last year they were sewn onto pieces of crochet but this year they are being pinned to green i cords that represent stems. We would rather people took them and pinned them to their clothes for the festival than they get vandalised later or worse still left on the posts to get dirty from the rain and traffic dirt. I have been told that one is left on a traffic pole from last year and it is so black that it is now almost welded to the post. Roger says that he will cut it down whilst he is dressing the posts this year.

These two flowers came out rather large and remind me of waterlilies or cabbages as one of the ladies said yesterday. I ran out of wool for the end of one so I hope that no-one notices the deliberate mistake.

This little bunny is a Marshmallow bunny from a free pattern on Ravelry. I am going to try to make a couple more of these as I think he is very cute.

The bird is from another free Ravelry pattern and is supposed to be a cat toy filled with catnip. The owl is called Hoot Owl and is another free pattern. My finishing leaves a lot to be desired which is why I don't do amigurumi as a rule. They always finish up with cross eyes and lop sided features. The owl has a crooked beak and the bird has somewhat of a strange beak. The details are what let me down every time.

Today the sun is trying to shine but it is colder than yesterday. Hopefully it won't mar the Easter plans that people have. My plans today are to crochet more birds, beasties and flowers as we are having a 'sew the brooch backs on day' on Tuesday evening at the Kings Arms as the pub is closed tomorrow, our usual meeting eve, for Easter Monday and we need to get organised before the final pin on the stems day next Saturday. I don't mind crocheting flowers and things. It makes a welcome break from all the knitting that I have done lately and so I hope to make quite a few more before Tuesday evening. I have a few more ideas in my head for things other than just flowers.


melanie said...

Love the little bunny :)

June said...

Happy Easter Sunday to you Jan. What a nice thing to do, making Spring flowers, as they are so pretty. I also love the little bunny, very cute.

marg41 said...

Happy Easter Jan. Love your flowers, they will give so much joy to people. Our Easter Sunday is almost over. Beautiful Day.

The Garden Bell said...

Just look at all these pretties.
Happy Easter,