Tuesday, 5 April 2011

One More Birthday Present Finished

I finally finished off the Esmee Cardigan by Sarah Francis that was in the Inside Crochet magazine Issue 13. It is not a pattern that I would recommend as had I not been experienced at jiggling about with patterns this would never have been finished. It's not just me who has this opinion. I wish that I had read the comments on Ravelry before I started it. I think that I would have chosen a different pattern had I read them. Considering I made this cardigan in DK instead of 4ply I expected it to come out larger than the pattern and not smaller. Luckily with a lot of wet blocking I am hoping that it will fit my ever shrinking (dieting) niece.

I had to make a much wider button band in an attempt to salvage the too narrow shoulders and too wide back from constantly sliding off the shoulders which seems to be a problem with those crocheters who followed the pattern. The cardigan would have looked much better with a narrower delicate band but at least I have given it stability. The armholes are still tight despite my adding 2 extra rows to each of the body pieces. In hindsight I should have added 4 extra rows and omitted the UK double crochet stitch around the armhole before I started the sleeves, There would have been more stretch if I had done UK trebles or started the sleeve pattern from the very first pattern row. I still might have to dab the armholes with the steam iron for some extra stretch underarm.

I do like the shape of the waistline but had to heavily wet block it to get it to be large enough to fit around my niece.

This is a close up of the pattern stitch which despite blocking does not look as openwork as the photo in the magazine. I am a loose crocheter and was using thicker yarn so I just cannot understand why this has come out so small. I do hope that it fits my niece when she calls to collect it. Thankfully crochet usually does 'give' with a couple of wears and a wash.

Last night I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club. The members are getting involved with some street furniture decoration with the Islington Mill Salford. Roger is making some green i cords to represent the stems and we are going to make crochet or knitted flowers. One of the members is going to show us how she makes leaves with paper next week. It involves paper, wool and a wool needle so I will show you when I have learnt how to make one. I will be in my stash oddment boxes looking for flower colours this week. Thank goodness I sorted them all out into see through storage boxes. At least it will use up some of the small amounts.

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crazymotheringchick said...

Looks lovely, girl. Wish I could crochet as well as you do.