Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Last of the Crochet Flowers (for now)

I have finished making the flowers for the Islington Mill Festival. Hopefully Rachael will take photos of the decorations when they are all in place next week. I love these daisies. I think they are so bright and cheerful and remind me of Spring.

These flowers are crocheted in a length and then rolled up. They do look somewhat like cabbages but I am sure they will look OK on the posts.

I am quite fond of these brightly coloured little flowers. They will bring a bit of Spring colour to the posts.

I decided to make something other than flowers so now I have an odd looking caterpillar, a strange pink butterfly and a very evil looking sheep that looks rather like a gremlin.

These are some of the flowers made by other members of the Kings Arms Knit Club. We should have quite a lot of flowers to attach to posts next weekend. The ladies were sewing buttons in the centre of some of the flowers and we put safety pins on the back of the flowers so that they could be picked from the posts and worn as brooches.

These 2 photos are taken of the lamp post outside of the Kings Arms Salford where we hold our Knit Club. It was a practise run at how the flowers will look on the posts next weekend. Roger has made absolutely loads of the green stems with a bobbin that makes i cords. I used to have bobbins when I was younger made from old wooden cotton reels with little tacks. I must have produced miles of this cord. I was always going to make something like a shopping bag with the cords but never got around to stitching them together.

This is another of my 'lodger' cats. This little lady, whose name I have forgotten, came in for a few cat biscuits and a sleep as her owners were at work. After she left my usual 'lodger' came in from next door for a sleep and he stayed in whilst I was at the Knit Club and was sitting on the window sill waiting for me to return. People have asked me why I don't get another cat or a smaller dog but I am happy with my daily feline visitors, plus Poppy, the little dog from next door who comes through the hedge to say Hello and of course sporadic visits from my doggy favourite ,Buster, my fur grandson.

Today I am going to try to return to the last of my niece's knitting but the housework really needs doing. It has been left whilst I have been flower making as that was to a deadline as even if I make any more flowers then I won't see anyone to give them to before the weekend. Rachael has another flower project at Just So festival so any other flowers that I make can go to that.

I was going to try machine knitting this week but not until I have finished off the chunky cardigan for my niece. She has waited long enough.


melanie said...

Love the flowers, so pretty and dainty :)

Anonymous said...

What sweet little flowers. People will love being able to take them.

marg41 said...

Love the flowers, can almost smell them! I also love your little visitor, animals know when they are safe, and that is why they come to you. They are very lucky, but I am sure at the same time, they bring you a lot of pleasure.