Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine And A New Crochet Magazine

It's been a beautiful warm sunny day and the postman brought the latest copy of Inside Crochet so what more could I wish for. The housework got left as we get so few warm days that I was determined to make the best of this one. The cover sweater is Diamond Sweater by Claire Montgomerie and is a finely crocheted filet sweater.I can see it's appeal but it's not for me at my age. Plus the fact that working with a 2.50mm hook and fine thread is beyond the capabilities of my arthritic fingers. I can't get the tension right with fine hooks and yarn these days.

The inside cover shows all the things in the magazine. I have photographed a lot of the things in more detail but as usual have left some things out.

The Woodblocks Cardigan by Linda Permann is a variation of the granny square motif. Instead of being multi coloured these squares are lacy giving a fine summery openwork feel. The squares are quite small so I would have to make 64 squares plus 2 halves for my size.

The Herringbone Sweater by Janet Kuhlmann appeals to me as I do like an aran style sweater for the winter. This looks like it would be a nice warm chunky one for those cold winter days.

Although I rarely make toys I do think that Stan and Minty by Barbara Lawler are just so cute. Sheep with little scarves on. I can think of many children and a few adults who would fall in love with this duo.

Although at my size and age I would not normally consider a crochet dress I think that I could get away with wearing the Pewter Dress by Shannon Mullett Bowlsby. It has a slight bat wing which could be worn over a long sleeved sweater and a pair of trousers and worn as a tunic. It is done in a 4ply yarn with a 3.25mm hook but the stitch is very openwork.

The Hill of Tara shawl by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain appeals to me partly for the colours and the 5 pointed shape. On her blog the designer shows how to make the willow shawl pin. The shawl is on a 4.50mm hook so I think that a variety of variegated wools could be used to make this shawl. This one has been done in Tivoli Ocean but one of the recommendations is Noro Silk Garden.

The Ryan Jacket by Robyn Chachula has an off set zip rather than a central one. The sleeves look a tad short on the child but I am sure that this could be amended although I think that I would put some sort of a rib on it if I were to make it.The body looks a bit short and chopped off to me.

The Tessera Cami by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain is definitely one for the young and slender figured. It is actually laced up the side seams but that can't be seen from the photo.Once again it is done in lacy squares instead of in one piece. This might appeal to my niece if I crocheted slightly wider straps as ribbon soon looks very tatty after a couple of washes.

The sun has been out most of the day but has now gone in so I suppose that I should do some more housework. To be honest I am not big on housework and I soon get discouraged. When I was fit and younger I used to rip through the house like a whirling dervish but times change and I have to move with them. If I won the lottery one of the first things I would get is a weekly cleaner. I don't want a fancy house or a huge car just a few luxuries in life like a cleaner. I am not bothered about a fancy house as I would spend my time away on holiday in the sunshine. I could do a world tour of all of my online friends. Now that would be super. Getting to meet all the people that I exchange ideas with and general chit chat on Ravelry. Plus visiting different LYS all over the world. Now that would be my idea of a great holiday. I wonder if any travel company does a world wide tour of yarn shops, exhibitions, retreats and Craft fairs holiday? Somehow I doubt it.

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